Thursday, May 12, 2016

Epson 3D HD Projector – Epson EH-TW6600 – How to replace the projector lamp – How to clean the air filter – How to reset the lamp hour timer – Projector repair and service

Cleaning the air filter

Do not use sprays that contain flammable gas to remove dirt and dust from the projector's lens, air filter, and so on. The projector may catch fire due to the high internal temperature of the lamp
Clean the air filter if dust has accumulated on the air filter or when the following message is displayed.
"The projector is overheating. Make sure nothing is blocking the air vent, and clean or replace the air filter.
# If dust collects on the air filter, it can cause the internal temperature of the projector to rise, and this can lead to problems with operation and shorten the optical engine's service life. It is recommended that you clean the air filter at least once every three months. Clean them more often than this if using the projector in a particularly dusty environment.
# Do not rinse the air filter in water. Do not use detergents or solvents.
# Lightly brush the air filter to clean it. If it is brushed too strongly, dust will be ground into the air filter and cannot be removed.
How to clean the air filter 
1.Press the POWER control or the control panel to turn off button on the remote the power, and then disconnect the power cord.
2.Remove the air filter cover.
Hook your finger into the tab on the air filter cover, and remove it downward.
3.Remove the air filter.
Grip the knob in the center of the air filter and pull it out.
4.Hold the air filter facing down and tap with the surface it 4 or 5 times to remove the dust.
Turn it over and tap the other side in the same way.
If the air filter is hit too hard, it may become unusable due to deformities and cracks.
5. Remove any dust remaining on the air filter by using a vacuum cleaner from the front side.
6. Install the air filter.
Grip the air filter by the knob in the center and insert it straight.
7. Install the air filter cover. Fasten the upper catch and then the lower one.
Clean the projector's surface by wiping it gently with a soft cloth.
If it is particularly dirty, moisten the cloth with water containing a small amount of neutral detergent, and
then firmly wring the cloth dry before using it to wipe the surface.
Lamp replacement period
The lamp replacement message is se and quality of the projected images. The message display time t to appear after 3400H in order to changes depending on the usage maintain the initial brightness situation, such as the color mode setting and so on.
If you continue to use the lamp after the replacement period has passed, the possibility that the lamp may explode increases. When the lamp replacement message appears, replace the lamp with a new one as soon as possible, even if it is still working.
Depending on the characteristics of the lamp and the way it has been used, the lamp may become darker or stop working before the lamp warning message appears. You should always have a spare lamp unit ready in case it is needed.
Replacing the lamp
When replacing the lamp because it has stopped illuminating, there is a possibility that the lamp may be broken. If replacing the lamp of a projector that has been suspended from the ceiling, you should always assume that the lamp is cracked, and remove the lamp cover with care. When you open the lamp cover, small shards of glass could fall out. If any shards of glass get into your eyes or mouth, contact a doctor immediately.
Do not touch the lamp cover immediately after turning off the projector as it is still hot. Wait until the lamp has cooled down sufficiently before removing the lamp cover. Otherwise, you could get burnt.
1. Press the POWER control or the control panel to turn off button on the remote the power, and then disconnect the power cord.
2. Loosen the lamp cover fixing screw
3. Remove the lamp cover. Slide the lamp cover straight forward and remove it.
4. Loosen the two lamp fixing screws.
5. Remove the old lamp.
Grip the knob firmly and pull it straight out.
6. Install the new lamp.
Make sure the lamp is facing the correct direction and press it in.
7. Tighten the two lamp fixing screws.
8. Replace the lamp cover.
Slide the cover back into place.
9. Tighten the lamp cover fixing screw.
Make sure you install the lamp and lamp cover securely. If they are not installed correctly, the power does not turn on.
Resetting lamp hours
1. Turn on the power.
2. Press the MENU button.
The Configuration menu is displayed.
3. Select Reset - Reset Lamp Hours.
A reset confirmation message is displayed.
4. Use RIGHT/LEFT the and then press the ENTER buttons to select button to Yes, execute.
The lamp hours are reset.