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How to replace the rear facing camera - Motorola Moto X - Mobiles and smartphones repair and service


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  • How to remove the Back panel
  • How to remove the Connections 
  • How to replace the camera 

Motorola Moto X 

Insert the SIM card eject tool into the hole in the side of the SIM card tray and push to eject the tray. Remove the SIM card tray. If the SIM card does not fall free from the tray on its own, simply remove it with your fingers.
In the following steps you will be releasing the clips holding the phone's cases together. However, the back case is also secured with an adhesive pad. After separating the clips you will use an opener to allow the case to fully open. Do not attempt to fully open the phone before loosening the adhesive. Insert a plastic opening tool into the seam between the front and rear covers near the SIM card slot. Slide the plastic opening tool along the seam toward the upper corner.
Carefully slide the plastic opening tool around the corner, freeing it from clips.
Run the plastic opening tool along the seam nearest the headphone jack on the top of the phone.
Pry around the top right corner of the phone between the two covers.
Carefully slide the opening tool along the button side of the phone. The plastic on the front cover is thinner here and the buttons may move around; go slowly to avoid damaging the buttons or the front cover.
Insert a plastic opening tool into the seam just below the volume rocker to widen the gap.
Continue prying to the lower corner of the phone.
Carefully pry from the corner to the edge of the USB port.
Insert the plastic opening tool at the other end of the USB port and slide around the corner.
Continue separating clips around the corner and along the length of the phone. Once you are certain the clips have all been separated, use the following two steps to prepare your Opener.
Slightly warm up the panel of the phone using hot air blower to remove the cover.
Starting from the SIM slot side, carefully peel the back cover off of the phone. The back cover is very flexible, but you don't want to damage any internal components by being too hasty.
Do not separate the back cover entirely; it is still connected to the phone by the camera lash cable.
The flash cable is attached on the power/volume button side of the phone.
Gently set the back cover down in a way that exposes the camera flash cable connector, but does not put strain on it.
Use the tip of a spudger to flip up the retaining flap on the flash cable ZIF connector. Be sure to pry only on the flap itself, not on the connector. Pull the flash cable straight out of its socket.
Separate the back cover from the phone. 
Use the flat end of a spudger to gently pry between the flash assembly and back cover to separate the adhesive.
Remove the flash assembly from the back cover.
You may also need to transfer the camera lens and the silicon pad from the rear case.
These can be removed by prying carefully with a plastic opening tool.
Depending on the adhesive on the rear case, you may need to tape the flash assembly down to secure it.