Sunday, May 01, 2016

HTC Desire X – How replace the touch screen – How to remove the case – Mobiles and Smartphoes repair and Service

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Contents of this article 

  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the connections 
  • How to remove the touch screen 

HTC Desire X

Here is the Desire X, with the touchscreen damaged, but working.
Once the back cover and battery are removed, its time to dissasembly. First unscrew the 5 torx #5 from back side. Then, with a flat screwdriver, push and open the back cover, from side to side.
Now, on the main board, we have to remove the screw near the camera. Release the connector on the bottom Finally, remove the antenna connector.
Once the bottom connector is loosed, you can take away the sound board and separate the flat cable from underneath. Next, the power button has to be removed. It is a bit sticky, so you may want to use a cutter or knife to separate. Long nails also work.
Now, its time to release the vibrator connector (or vibrator from holder - easier), and then release the lower connector on the main board ( see pic 2). Remove the black tape first, and then use some tweezers to pull out the connector. Once its done, lift by one side the main board, and you can see the LCD connector. Open the white tab by lifting it up at the edge, and remove the flat cable.
Now, its time to remove the product label, and keep it without bend to put back togheter. Then, under the silver ribbon, which is hard to remove, there is another flat connector, which must be disconnected.
The flat cable that goes to main board must be removed, and the flat cable of the touch is loosed. Remove the speaker from the top side of the phone.
To remove the glue from the LCD and touch of the screen, we have to heat all the screen, with special attention to the top and bottom zones. I have one Hot Air Station, but you can do it with a hairdryer. With more time you heat, more easy to remove, but be careful... With a Metal thin blade, insert between bezel and LCD, and bend it to start releasing.
Finally, the both parts comes apart. At the left, the LCD + touch. At the right, the chassis. Now, to assembly the unit back togheter, follow the steps backwards.