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HTC HD2 – How to disassemble HTC HD2 – How to remove the case – How to remove the battery – How to replace the motherboard – Mobiles and Smartphones repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the battery 
  • How to replace the mother board 


Carefully pull the rear cover from the back of the phone.
Place a finger beneath the small lip on the left side of the battery.
Lay the phone down on it's screen.
Lift up on the lip and pull the battery from the phone.
Remove the four black 3.5mm T5 screws from the back of the phone.
Insert the flat end of a spudger between the frame and the display.
Slide the spudger along the seam between the frame and the display.
Using the spudger for leverage, carefully pry the frame away from the display assembly.
This process will take some effort. Continue to pry slowly and carefully until the frame begins to detach.
As it releases, pull the frame away from the phone.
The volume control tab may fall off during removal. Do not worry when it does, it can be easily reattached.
Set the phone down on its screen.
Using tweezers, unplug the small vibrator connector from its socket on the motherboard.
Pull the vibrator motor from the phone.
Disconnect the small speaker cable from its socket on the motherboard.
Remove the earpiece speaker from the phone.
Remove the five screws shown with a T5 Torx screwdriver.
Locate the flash cable in the bottom area of the phone.
Unplug the cable and pull it from the device until you reach the actual camera.
Warning: Many of the upcoming steps are difficult and may cause permanent damage to your phone.
Pull the camera flash and cover off of the board. You may need to pull the sticker that is normally behind the battery back a little.
Now locate the coaxial bluetooth cable that connects the top and bottom boards of the phone.
Use tweezers to pop both ends of the cable from the boards and remove it completely.
Now find the AP FPC, one of the smallest connectors on the bottom board.
Pop the small black tab up using tweezers, then unplug the cable.
This step is pretty much irreversible, so do not do this unless you absolutely have to.
Remember peeling back part of that big sticker in the middle? Now you get to take it all the way off.
This may take some time, and the use of the tweezers, but keep at it until the whole sticker is off.
Now find the GPS board in the upper left hand corner of the phone.
Find and pull out the white cable that connects it to the main board.
Note: The cable does not need to be unplugged from the main bottom board.
This (white) cable is connected to the underside of the bottom board, so if it gets detached, be sure to reattach before you reassemble the whole phone.
If this step does not progress easily, check to see that there are no screws still holding the board in place.
With the cable removed, pop the GPS board out of the phone using tweezers.
Using a spudger, begin to pry the copper colored board in the middle away from the phone to loosen it.
Also pry the small piece that runs under where the volume selector is on the full phone.
Caution: there is a connecter cable under the main board, so do not pull it all the way off right away.
Gently pop both the top and bottom boards off of the phone, and turn them over to the left
With the back of the main board exposed, flip up the little brown lever at the end of the connector and unplug the final cable that connects it to the main board.