Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Jazz Ultratab C954 – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the battery – How to remove back cover – Tablet repair and service

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  • How to remove the case
  • How to remove the battery 
  • How to remove the motherboard 

Jazz Ultratab C954 

On the top of the tablet there are two 1cm screws that hold the back cover on. Locate these screws and remove them using a Phillips head #0 screw driver.
You now have to pry the back cover from the touch screen panel. To do this insert a plastic spudger into the seem. Then work your way around the panel until it is free. There are buttons on the top side of the tablet that go through the back cover. The cover must slide up when removed to avoid damaging the buttons.
This is what your tablet should look like once the back cover is removed. You are now ready to begin repairing your tablet. Follow the corresponding guide for instructions on repairing major components. To reattach the back cover begin by sliding the cover on making sure the buttons and the speaker are in their designated holes on the back cover. Then attach the two covers by pressing them together until you hear the plastic tabs interlock. With the two screens held together the last step is to put the two 1cm screws on the top of the tablet back in. Your tablet is now ready for use again.
First locate the battery on the tablet, all of the battery information is printed on the top of the battery. This information will allow you to purchase the correct battery for your tablet.
Before removing the battery it is necessary to detach the motherboard to allow yourself more room and to prevent damage. To do this remove the three Philips head screws marked by the red circles. These screws are also 1cm in diameter.
The two wires connecting the battery are located within the yellow box. They are soldered to the motherboard and must be cut. Using a pair of wire cutters cut each wire as close to the board as you can without damaging the board.
Now it is time to remove the old battery. Before removing the battery use a pencil to trace its location, this will allow you to place the new battery in the same place. The battery is glued to the screen and must be removed using spudgers. Gently peel the battery from the screen until it is free.
CAUTION: Be careful not to damage or tear the battery, it contains harmful materials and should not be opened or cut in any way.
Using a hot glue gun glue the new battery in place making sure the battery lines up with the marks you made and that the wires are facing the correct direction. You want the wires to be on the side with the motherboard.
Before connecting the new battery to the motherboard locate the positive and negative wire locations. You must connect the black wire to the (- ) location and the red wire to the (+) location.
It is now time to solder the wires in to their correct locations. To do this hold the wire on the old solder, using a small amount of solder melt the solder and wires to the old connection points. The black wire on the - location and the red wire on the + location. Soldering irons are very hot and can cause serious injury. If you do not know how to use a soldering iron please seek help from someone who is experienced.
With the new battery connected you can now re-secure the motherboard with the three screws you previously removed.
With the new battery fully connected you can now reattach the cover and begin to enjoy your tablet again. For instructions on reattaching the cover refer to the prerequisite guide on cover removal and attachment.