Friday, May 20, 2016

Merch Source Projector Entertainment II – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the case – How to replace the speakers – Projector repair and service

Flip the projector onto its back and unscrew the nine 15mm screws using the Phillips #0 screw driver.

Flip the projector right side up and unscrew the two 12mm screws on the light bulb panel located at the rear of the projector with a Phillips #0 screw head.
The bottom right panel screw does not come completely out the panel door.
Using your hands, gently pry the top and bottom of the projector casing apart
Locate the 2 screws on the handle casing. These screws are mirrored on the handle attachment on the other side panel as well.
Unscrew the two 16mm screws using the Phillips #0 screw driver. Repeat for the opposite side panel.You do not need to remove the motherboard to reach the screws next to the lens. This is only done to show the screws more clearly.
Lift up on the side panel and speaker attachment to slightly dislodge it.
Unscrew the four 9mm Phillips screws with a Phillips #0 screw driver, located on the outside of the projector casing.
Once the side panel door has been lifted out of the bottom casing, it can swing freely.
Rotate the side panel door forward so that you can access the screws on the speaker.
Unscrew the two 10mm screws with a Phillips #0 screw driver.
Lift the side panel and speaker out from the projector casing.
Using your hands, slide the speaker outward from the side panel.
While detaching the speaker, do not damage the wires.