Monday, May 23, 2016

Nexus 6 – How to replace the mother board of Motorola nexus 6 – Mobiles and samrtphones repair and service

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Contents of this article 

  • How to remove the case 
  • How to disconnect the battery 
  • How to remove the mother board 

Motorola nexus 6

With a SIM card eject tool (a paperclip will work as well), push down on the hole at the top of the phone until the SIM card holder releases. This should not take much pressure. Remove the SIM card and the SIM card holder.
Lay out a soft cloth on your workspace to prevent scratching the screen in this and future steps.
Pry open the back casing using the soft plastic opening pick. Be careful of the Power & Volume Key ribbon on the left side just next to the volume key. The ribbon is exposed and could be damaged with the opening tool.
Carefully pull the back casing apart from the rest of the phone with your hands. Because the casing is glued to the rest of the phone, this step may require some force. Don't be alarmed if the casing flexes a bit.
You may need an Opener to loosen up the adhesive. Check out the Opener Instructions for info on how to use it.
You can use a Small Suction Cup on the bottom corner to slightly lift up the back casing and help slipping the tool under the cover.
Remove the twenty-two 2.3 mm T3 Torx screws with the T3 Torx Screwdriver.
With tweezers, remove the rubber protector on the lower part of the phone. With a spudger, unlatch the ZIF connector revealed.
Completely separate the battery side from the motherboard side by gently pulling the sides apart with your hands.
Use a spudger to gently detach the front facing camera connector. Remove the front facing camera using the tweezers.
Use the spudger to release the rear facing camera connector. Use tweezers to gently remove the rear facing camera.
With a spudger, unlatch the ZIF connector for the smallest ribbon cable in the center. 
Use tweezers to release the ribbon cable.
With a spudger, unlatch the ZIF connector of the big ribbon cable on the side of the phone.
Use tweezers to release the ribbon cable completely. This connector and the ribbon are attached with a piece of amber anti-static tape. Make sure to release the tape from the ribbon before to pull it out of the connector.
Remove the 2.3 mm T3 Torx screw on the top of the phone.
Peel the motherboard off of the screen with your hands.