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Nokia Lumia 535 – How to replace the touch screen – How to replace the LCD display – Lumia Hard reset - lumia Factory reset - Mobiles and smartphones repair and

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Contents of this article 

  • Factroy reset procedure 
  • How to remove the LCD display 
  • How to remove the touch screen 

Nokia Lumia 535 

Turn off the phone.
Remove the battery and any SIM and memory cards.
With a screwdriver Torx T4 remove the 9x screws.
With a plastic opening tool separate the back cover from the middle frame.
Touch screen flex cable
LCD Display flex cable
Charging Dock board flex cable
Coaxial antena cable Remove the 2x Torx T4 screws.
Insert wisdom here.

Remove the display flex cable rubber. Put scotch tape on glass to prevent it from shattering. Use a hair dryer or heat gun and warm the glass to make adhesive soft.
Use a cutter or other tool with a sharp edge and start the separating from the bottom side. When you make enough room, continue the operation with a plastic tool. Work slowly and do not force the frame with the display too much. If necessary, warm again the glass with a hairdryer.
Using a plastic tool, carefully remove the display. Clean the frame from the remainders of the old adhesive.
Install back the display. Put adhesive tape 2mm on the digitizer. Order the digitizer glass together with an adhesive tape. The replacement is easier.
Install the touch screen and start with the reassembling.
Hard Reset / Factory Reset / Master Reset delete all customer data (phone book, downloads, accounts, etc.) remove all installed apps and restore the phone to its factory state.
Switch off the phone. Press and hold the Volume Down button and connect your charger. When you see an exclamation mark release the button.
Now press the keys in this sequence: Volume Up > Volume Down >Power >Volume Down The phone will reset and reboots.