Saturday, May 21, 2016

Optoma projector - Optoma PK-301 -PK320 - PK301 PLUS – How to access Service mode – How to reset the projector – How to update the projector firmware - Projector repair and service

Service Mode
1. Turn on the projector
2. Do the following actions sequentially to get into service mode
# Press "Left Left -> Right Right -> Down Down -> Up Up" (For PK-301/PK301 PLUS)
# Press"Menu","Up","Left","Down","Right","Up","Left","Down","Right" (For PK320)
# Service mode will be shown
# After confirming the configuration, choose "menu" to exit.
System Reset
After final QC step,we have to erase all saved change. The following actions will allow you
to erase all end-users’ settings and restore the default setting:
# Get into service mode.
# Press “right“ and then choose “system reset“ at the bottom of the menu
PC Mode
1. Bright Pixel
Note: Link Chroma VGA port to the ‘‘Universal I/O’’ port of the projector by universal to VGA cable.
# Test equipment: video generator.
# Test signal: analog 800x600@60Hz
3 Test Pattern: gray 10
Inspection item - Bright pixel check
Criteria - Bright pixel is unacceptable.
# No more than 1 bright pixel in the POM.
# Adjacent with each other is unacceptable.
2. Dark Pixel
# Test equipment: video generator.
# Test signal: analog 800x600@60Hz
# Test Pattern: full white
Inspection item - Dark pixels check.
Criteria - The number of the dead pixels should be less or equal to 4 pixels.
# Adjacent dark with each other is unacceptable.
3. Color performance
# Test equipment: Chroma 2327
# Test signal: analog 800x600@60Hz
# Test Pattern: 64 gray RGBW,master pattern
# Use test signal to do the test.
Color cannot discolor to purple and blue.
Inspection item - Check if each color level is well-functioned.
# Color saturations
Criteria - Screen appears normal. It should not have any abnormal condition, such as lines appear on the screen and so on.
# Color appears normal.
# RGBW should all appear normal on the screen and sort from R-G-B-W.
# Color levels should be sufficient and normal.
4. Power Function Test
Inspection item - Projector charging or discharging test
# Check whether the LED indicator shows normally.
Criteria - Install the battery into the projector, plug the adapter, confirming the red LED is lighting, check whether the charging function is normal.
# Check whether the green LED is lighting when charging complete.
# Unplug the power adapter, turn on the projector to check if the discharging is normal.
Video Performance
Note: Plug JACK-M to 3*RCA-F R/W/Y cable into the AV-IN port of projector, the CVBS signal and Audio signal will be inputted.Then turn the sound of DVD player down.The signal test is as follows.
ECO/Bright Mode Function Test
Turn on the projector, get into service mode then press ‘‘Left’’/‘‘Right’’ button on remote control to check if Bright mode/ECO mode exchange normally
Firmware Upgrade
Equipment Needed
Software : (For PK301/PK301 PLUS)
Hardware :
# Projector (PK-301/PK301 PLUS)
# SD Card(80.8BU08G001)
# USB Male cable(42.0028DG001)
# Power adapter (47.8CU01G003 and 47.8CU03G001)
# PC
# Monitor
Note: The FW upgrade procedure for PK301/PK301 PLUS are the same,we take PK301 as an example here.
Firmware Upgrade
1. Insert the Micro SD card into the projector and connect the it to PC by USB Male cable.
2. There are two removable Disk in "My Computer" .Copy firmware "MSTUPUP.BIN ","AMAMUPUP.BIN" to the second removable Disk.
Note: "MSTUPUP.BIN" and "AMAMUPUP. BIN" must be upgraded at the same time.
3. Process
(1) Insert Power adapter into PK-301.
(2) In the left side of the projector,there is a power botton(as red square).Press it to turn on the projector.
(3) Select "Micro SD".
(4) Choose "Setting" icon.
(5) Press "Up","Down","Up","Down","Enter" in this pattern.
(6) The projector will come back to right pattern.Choose "Setting" icon.
(7) Choose "System setup"
(8) The "system Upgrade" will show,and choose it.
(9) Choose "Yes".
4. Wait a few minutes until the projector downloads finish,then the system will reboot.
5. When firmware upgrade procedure is finished,press "up","enter" and choose "Version" item. The new window will show the latest Multimedia Firmware Version for us to check if it is correct.
6. Get into service mode.Press "right","right" ,then check the System Firmware Version.
SSD1938 Firmware
Upgrade Procedure
1.Copy SSD1936 firmware to the file named “Upgrade"
2.Copy the file to SD card by PC.
3.Insert SD card to projector.
4.Turn on the projector ,then select “Setup”
5.Select “System”
5.Select “Firmware Update”
6.Choose “O” button to process the firmware upgrade.
7.Firmware upgrade procedure image will appear as the right picture shown.
Note:1.Do not touch any buttons or turn off the projector while upgrading is in progress.Otherwise, this may damage the projector.
2.Do not remove the microSD card until the upgrade is complete.
8.When the screen below appears, update is complete. Press and hold the Power button for 6 seconds to turn off the projector.
Check FW version
1. Restart the unit and select “Setup”
2. Select “System”
3. Select “Information”
4. The firmware version will be shows as red square .