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Panasonic Digital Camera - Panasonic DMC-G1 – How to enter to service mode – How to discharge the flash – How to replace the RTC battery – Initializing settings - Camera repair and service

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  • How to access to service mode 
  • How to discharge the capacitor 
  • How to replace the backup battery 

Panasonic DMC-G1

When you replace the MAIN PCB, be sure to perform the initial settings after achieving the adjustment by ordering the following procedure in accordance with model suffix of the unit.
Before proceeding Initial settings, be sure to read the following CAUTIONS.
Insert the SD memory card which has a few photo data.
Step 1. The temporary cancellation of initial setting:
Set the Drive mode lever to [ SINGLE ].
While keep pressing [ DISPLAY ] and [ FILM MODE ] buttons simultaneously, turn the Power on.
Step 2. The cancellation of initial setting:
Press the [PLAYBACK] button, then playback the picture.
Press [ FILM MODE ] and “[ UP ] of Cursor buttons” simultaneously, then turn the Power off.
Step 3. Turn the Power on:
Set the mode dial to [ P ], and then turn the Power on.
Step 4. Display the INITIAL SETTING:
While keep pressing [ MENU/SET ] and “[ RIGHT ] of Cursor buttons” simultaneously, turn the Power off.
When MAIN P.C.B. is replaced, all of the model suffix is displayed as follows.
There are two kinds of “INITIAL SETTINGS” menu format.
[1. After replacing MAIN P.C.B.]
[2. Other than “After replacing MAIN P.C.B.”]
Step 5. Set the INITIAL SETTING:
Caution: After replacing MAIN P.C.B.
The model suffix can been chosen, JUST ONE TIME.
Once one of the model suffix have been chosen, the model suffix lists will not be displayed, thus, it can be changed.
Select the area carefully.
Select the area with pressing “[ UP ] / [ DOWN ] of Cursor buttons”, and then press the “[ RIGHT ] of Cursor buttons”.
The only set area is displayed, and then press the “[ RIGHT ] of Cursor buttons” after confirmation.
(The unit is powered off automatically.)
Confirm the display of “PLEASE SET THE CLOCK” in English when the unit is turned on again.
The display shows “PLEASE SET THE CLOCK” when turn the Power on again.
When the unit is connected to PC with USB cable, it is detected as removable media.
Service Mode
Error Code Memory Function
1. General description
This unit is equipped with history of error code memory function, and can be memorized 16 error codes in sequence from the latest. When the error is occurred more than 16, the oldest error is overwritten in sequence. The error code is not memorized when the power supply is shut down forcibly (when the unit is powered on by the battery, the battery is pulled out) because the error code is memorized to FLASH ROM when the unit is powered off.
2. How to display
The error code can be displayed by the following procedure:
Before perform the error code memory function, connect the AC adaptor or insert the battery and insert the SD memory card.
1. The temporary cancellation of initial setting:
Set the Drive mode lever to [ SINGLE ].
While keep pressing [ DISPLAY ] and [ FILM MODE ] buttons simultaneously, turn the Power on.
2. The display of error code:
Press [ FILM MODE ], [ MENU/SET ] and “[ LEFT ] of Cursor buttons” simultaneously with the step 1 condition.
The display is changed as shown below when the above buttons is pressed simultaneously.
Normal display > Error code display > Operation history display > Normal display > .
3. The change of display:
The error code can be memorized 16 error codes in sequence, however it is displayed 5 errors on the LCD.
Display can be changed by the following procedure:
“[ UP ] or [ DOWN ] of Cursor buttons” : It can be scroll up or down one.
“[ LEFT ] or [ RIGHT ] of Cursor buttons” : It can be scroll up or down every 5 error, when the same button is pressed in twice.
(When it is pressed at once, skip two data line. When it is pressed in twice, skip three data line.)
4. How to read the error date:
The error date code is displayed from the left in order at the year, month, day, time.
Error date information is acquired from "Clock setting" information when the error occurs. When the clock is not setting, it is displayed as “00000000”.
How to Discharge the Capacitor on Flash Sub PCB
1. Be sure to discharge the capacitor on FLASH SUB PCB.
2. Be careful of the high voltage circuit on FLASH SUB PCB when servicing.
Discharging Procedure
1. Put the insulation tube onto the lead part of Resistor (ERG5SJ102:1kΩ /5W).
(An equivalent type of resistor may be used.)
2. Put the resistor between both terminals of capacitor on FLASH SUB PCB for approx. 5 seconds.
3. After discharging confirm that the capacitor voltage is lower than 10V using a voltmeter.
How to Replace the Lithium Battery
Replacement Procedure
1. Remove the REMOTE PCB.
2. Remove the Lithium battery (Ref. No. “B7351” at component side of REMOTE PCB) and then replace it into new one.
This Lithium battery is a critical component.
(Type No.: ML421S/ZT )
It must never be subjected to excessive heat or discharge.
It must therefore only be fitted in requirement designed specifically for its use.
Replacement batteries must be of same type and manufacture.
They must be fitted in the same manner and location as the original battery, with the correct polarity contacts observed.
Do not attempt to re-charge the old battery or re-use it for any other purpose.
It should be disposed of in waste products destined for burial rather than incineration