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Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Disassembling procedure – USB Port replacement Procedure – Mobiles and Smartphones repair and Service

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Contents of this article 

  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the Mother board 
  • How to replace the USB board 

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Galaxy Nexus won't charge, charges sometimes, or thinks it's charging when it's not plugged in? It might be time to replace the micro USB connector board.
Tools Needed
An opening tool.
Small Phillips screwdriver.
A replacement micro USB board.
Start by removing the battery and SIM card.
Once the battery and SIM are out, remove all six screws from the back.
The next step is to remove the back from the phone.
Using the plastic opening tool gently pry around the edge of the screen. It should come off without too much fuss.
Next we need to remove the antenna, speaker, and vibrator assembly from the bottom.
Start by removing the screw.
Then use the opening tool to disconnect the ribbon cable.
The assembly is clipped to the magnesium body of the phone. It's not very easy to unclip, unless you have a Google GSM phone.
CDMA: Rotate the assembly counter-clockwise. I ended up breaking the clip off because I tried prying.
GSM: For my Google GSM phone, you just needed to push the clip away from the assembly.
The clip used to be here.
Next we need to detach some ribbon cables and an antenna cable from the main circuit board.
Micro USB board. Also has the front notification LED and the main microphone.
Screen connector.
Volume rocker. Some phones have this soldered to the mainboard - not CDMA.
GSM/Soldered: One user was able leave the volume rocker alone, and instead focus on the power button. You can gently separate the power button from the case – held in place only by glue - without remove detaching it from the circuit board. You can then rotate the circuit board out of your way.
Gently detach with the plastic opening tool.
Gently remove the main circuit board.
Keep in mind there are some ribbon cable connectors underneath the board. These should pop off easily, or you can use the opening tool to gently remove them once you have the board lifted up a bit. Also be mindful that these get reconnected with you put everything back together.
Power button cable.
Earphone cable.
The main circuit board also is connected to the main camera and the front facing camera with more ribbon cables. These should stay attached, but be delicate. You don't want to get dust in them when you seal everything back up.
Now we can finally replace the micro USB board.
It has some light adhesive holding it on. Some work with they pry tool and your fingers
should free it easily.
The board left behind some of its adhesive. Make sure to remove it.
With the broken USB board gone we can install the new one!
Peel off the adhesive backing and install the new board.
There are a number of pins and guides that make accurate installation easy.