Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sharp projector - Sharp XR-30 - XG-F210X – How to initialize the EEPROM – How to adjust the ballast output voltage - How to replace the lap – How to reset the lamp hour timer – Projector repair and service

EEPROM initialization
Turn on the power (with the lamp on) and warm up the set for 15 minutes.
Make the following settings. Press S2551 to call the process mode and execute "SS2" on SS menu.
Calling and quitting the process mode with the control keys on this model.
Although it is possible for the process OUT to exit using the process menu, the IN/OUT toggle command is also available considering the existing specification.
1) Calling and quitting
With the menu not displayed, press the "ENTER", "ENTER", "VOL+", "VOL-", "ENTER", "ENTER" and "MENU" keys on the remote control or on the main unit.
2) Others
Press the S2551 process key (toggle) on the main PWB to call and quit the process menu.
NOTE: When adjusting in the process mode, set a signal with a vertical frequency of 60 Hz or no signal. (May not be properly adjusted with other signals.)
Forced disabling of the System-Lock of this model
1) Disabling procedure
With System-Lock input window onscreen, press the "MENU", "ENTER", "ENTER", "MENU", "ENTER", "ENTER" and "MENU" keys, in this order, on the remote controller.
Adjustment of ballast unit output power (lamp power)
Adjustment method
1) Unplug the ballast unit lamp cable of the projector from the lamp and connect the cable to the connecting cord (QCNWKA020WJZZ).
2) Connect the connecting cord (QCNWKA020WJZZ) to the adjustment jig (RUNTZA018WJZZ).
3) Connect TP1 of the adjustment jig (RUNTZA018WJZZ) to the negative terminal of the tester and TP2 to the positive terminal.
4) Turn on the projector.
5) Check the Lamp setting to “Bright”.
6) Ageing the projector for 60 seconds or more.
7) Adjust the volume resistor (R7805) of the ballast control PWB (DUNTKE150WEF0) so that the voltage of the tester reaches 71±0.5V.
Adjustment value: 71±0.5V
CAUTION: (1) Caution for electric shock: Do not touch the test points TP1 and TP2 of the adjustment jig when supplying power since a high voltage and large current is applied to them.
(2) Caution for heat: Be careful that the resistance load of the adjustment jig produces a high temperature when supplying power.
(3) Connection of the lamp cable: Check that the lamp cable and connecting cord (QCNWKA020WJZZ) are connected securely.
Poor connection may cause smoking or ignition due to arc discharge.

Removing and Installing the Lamp Unit
1. Press STANDBY/ON on the projector or STANDBY on the remote control to put the projector into standby mode. Wait until the cooling fan stops.
2.Disconnect the power cord.
Unplug the power cord from the AC socket.
Leave the lamp until it has fully cooled down (about 1 hour).
3.Remove the lamp unit cover.
Turn the projector over. Loosen the user service screw  that secures the lamp unit cover. Remove the lamp unit cover
4. Remove the lamp unit
Loosen the securing screws from the lamp unit. Hold the lamp unit and pull it in the direction of the arrow. At this time, keep the lamp unit horizontal and do not tilt it.
5. Insert the new lamp unit
Press the lamp unit firmly into the lamp unit compartment. Fasten the securing screws.
6.Replace the lamp unit cover
Align the tab on the lamp unit cover and place it while pressing the tab to close it. Then tighten the user service screw to secure the lamp unit cover.

Resetting the Lamp Timer
1. Connect the power cord.
Plug the power cord into the AC socket of the projector.
2.Reset the lamp timer.
While simultaneously holding down MENU/HELP, ENTER and DOWN button on the projector, press STANDBY/ON on the projector.
"LAMP 0000H" is displayed, indicating that the lamp timer is reset.