Monday, May 23, 2016

Sony PMW-EX1R – How to enter to service mode – How to replace the lithium battery – How to update the firmware – digital Camera repair and service

Category: Digital Camera Repair and Service 

Contents of this article 

  • How to access service mode 
  • How to update firmware 
  • How to replace the Battery 


Basic Menu Operation
Press the MENU button to enter the menu mode. Press the PICTURE PROFILE button, the MENU button, or the STATUS button while the menu is displayed to close the menu display. The menu display is closed when the power is turned off.
1. Press the MENU button.
# The system enters the menu mode.
# For displaying the SERVICE menu, refer to section 3-1-3 of this manual.
2. Press the joystick to move the cursor to the desired setting item and press the SEL/SET button.
Exiting the Menu Mode
Press the MENU button again.
The system exits the menu mode to return to the normal camera mode.
To display the SERVICE menu, the following operations are needed.
1. Close the LCD monitor.
2. Set the LCD B.LIGHT switch on the upper operation panel to the “OFF” position.
3. Set the GAIN switch on the side operation panel to the “H” position.
4. Press the CANCEL button, the MENU button, and the Jog dial at the same time.
5. When the LCD monitor is opened, the SERVICE menu is displayed.
# Pressing the MENU button again closes the SERVICE menu display.
# Once the SERVICE menu has been displayed, simply pressing the MENU button displays the SERVICE menu instead of the normal SETUP menu unless the power is turned off.
Firmware Upgrade
Upgrade the firmware for the PMW-EX1R through a USB connection to a computer.
For detailed information about the upgrade procedure, check the readme file that comes with the upgrade software.
For inquiry or comments about the firmware upgrade, please contact the Sony sales office.
Firmware Upgrade Procedure
Download the software for the new firmware upgrade onto the computer before starting these operations.
1. Check that the power switch on the PMW-EX1R is turned OFF.
2. Remove the cover on the USB maintenance connector.

3. Use the USB connector that comes with the PMW-EX1R to connect the computer and the USB maintenance connector.
4. Switch the power switch to CAMERA and turn the power ON.
5. Run the software for the firmware upgrade on the computer.
6. When the upgrade is complete, turn OFF the power and remove the USB cable.
7. Attach the cover on the USB maintenance connector.
When the PMW-EX1R is connected to the computer for the first time, the driver software will need to be installed into the computer. For more details, check the readme file that comes with the upgrade software.
Lithium Battery
1. Remove the screw, and remove the lithium battery lid.
2. Remove the lithium battery.
3. Reinstall the lithium battery by reversing the steps of removal.