Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spirit Elliptical - Spirit XE100 - XE200 - XE300 - XE400 - XE500 – Test procedures – Adapter testing - Troubleshooting – How to adjust the break – How to enter to engineering mode – Treadmill repair and service

Spirit XE100 - XE200 - XE300 - XE400 - XE500

Engineering Mode
1. Press and hold the START, ENTER, and STOP buttons until display beeps.
2. “ENGINEERING MODE” will scroll across the screen, press ENTER.
3. Press the UP and/or DOWN buttons to scroll through the following sub menus:
Key Test
Display Test
Factory Set
4. Press ENTER to access the desired program.
5. Press STOP to exit Engineering Mode.
Key Test
Press ENTER. Press all buttons on console.
Display Test
Press ENTER. Console will test each segment or LED. Look to see if there are any burned out or not working.
Sleep Mode On/Off --------------------- Press ENTER to turn on or off.
Pause Mode On/Off -------------------- Press ENTER to turn on or off.
Odometer Reset ------------------------- Press ENTER to reset.
Units English/Metric -------------------- Press ENTER to change.
Beep Sound On/Off --------------------- Press ENTER to turn on or off.
Motor Test-------------------------------- Press ENTER to begin the test.
Safety On/Off (XE300 calls it “Inc Max”)--- Press ENTER to turn on or off.
Exit --------------------------------------- Press ENTER to exit the functions menu.
Child Lock On/Off ------- Press ENTER to turn on or off.
Factory Set
Press ENTER to go back to original factory settings. This will reset saved user programs.
Press ENTER to exit Engineering Mode.
Test adapter for voltage
1. Plug adapter into a working outlet.
2. Turn on meter to test for DC voltage.
3. Put one lead into the end of the plug and the other lead to the metal on the outside.
4 The adapter will be labeled 9VDC or 12VDC. When testing, the reading should be a few volts higher than the label says. If there is less voltage than what the label says, you need to replace the adapter.
Test harness for power supply voltage
1. After you have tested the adapter for voltage, plug in the machine and take the console off of the unit.
2. Turn on the meter to test for DC voltage.
3. Put one lead on the 1st wire and the other lead on the 3rd wire.
4 You should have basically the same voltage here as you had when you tested the adapter. If the reading is vastly different, the harness needs to be replaced.
Test gear motor
1. If unit is an XE550, go to motor test in engineering mode.
2. Take off right shroud so you can access the gear motor.
3. Turn meter on setting to check for DC voltage.
4. Check for voltage between the yellow and the red wires. (Should be around 4.5v for 350/550)
5. Check for voltage between the yellow and orange. Check for voltage between the red and orange. These two voltages should added together should total the voltage that you had between the yellow and red.
6. Press the START button and press the UP button. Check for voltage between the black and the brown wires. You should get 4-6 volts. (As you can see, you will need someone to help you with this step.)
Alignment of speed sensor and magnet
1. Using a flat screw driver or a knife, take off the round disc cover on the left side of the unit.
2. Turn the pedal so the bigger opening is at the top of the hole.
3. Sensor should be pointing directly at the large pulley and there should be a magnet in the on the pulley.
Adjusting brake cable
1. Take right and left shrouds off.
2. On the left side of the unit you will find the brake inside of the flywheel.
3. Using an open end wrench, loosen the small lock nut.
4. Using the same wrench, loosen the longer nut. As you loosen the nut you will see this gap get smaller.
5. The smaller the gap is, the easier the resistance will be at level 1. Dont adjust out the gap completely.
6. Tighten down the lock nut.
XE400 and XE500 Incline Calibration
If the console shows an incline error or does not seem to physically be at the incline displayed, the unit needs to be calibrated. Press and hold the START and level UP keys for 5 seconds. The message window will show “Calibration”; press ENTER. The calibration process is automatic and the system will restart when finished.
Thumping noise
1. Clean and lube wheels and rails.
2. If there is still a thump, check for loose bolts.
3. If there is still a thump, order new pedal arm bushing housings with IGOS plastic bushing.
Squeaking noise in the pedal(XE100 &XE200)
1. Order and install a new connecting arms.
Adjustable pedal not staying in the desired position (XE300)
1. Order and install new threaded bushing and crank pin.
Slide wheels jumping off of the track
1. Clean wheels and tracks with rubbing alcohol. All of the sticky and/or dirty lube must be removed from both the wheels and the tracks.
2. If the aluminum track has been damaged, order a new aluminum track.