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Texas instruments - TI-84 Plus Silver Edition – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the case – How to remove the mother board – How to replace the battery – Tablets repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the mother board
  • How to remove the display 

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

Face plate
Insert your index finger in the open slot below the keys. Be careful to not bend the plate too much because it is very thin and might break. Apply a firm upward force until the bottom two tabs located near the bottom of the plate come off.
Grab the face plate on each side near the middle and apply a gentle upward force on each side until the middle tabs come off. A tab is located in the center of the face plate. If it is still attached, then continue to apply a gentle upward force until the center tab comes off. Lift the face plate upward until the top three tabs come off and the face plate is completely detached.
Main Battery
Push firmly down on the tab located on the back of the calculator near the center. Pull the tab up, lifting it off of the calculator and exposing the batteries.
Push from the positive side to the negative side and pull up to remove each battery.
Using the Phillips #00 Screwdriver, unscrew the 15 mm screw holding the backup battery cover, located above the main battery area.
Grab the plate and lift gently upward, to remove the backup battery cover.
Wedge the small plastic opening tool under the backup battery in the gap to the left of the backup battery. Push gently downward until the backup battery pops out.
Motherboard and Screen
Unscrew the six 8.5 mm screws located on the perimeter of the back cover using the Precision T6 Torx Screwdriver.
Wedge the large plastic opening tool in the gap at the bottom between the top and bottom covers. Apply a gentle downward force to separate the top cover from the bottom cover. Wedge the large plastic opening tool in the gaps along each side to unhook the side clips. There are clips located at the bottom of the calculator, on the sides of the calculator (both near the bottom and near the top), and at the top of the calculator. Pull the bottom cover apart from the top cover
Unscrew the two 5 mm screws at the bottom of the silver sheet using the Phillips #00 Screwdriver. Pull up on the silver sheet from the top to remove it from the calculator.
Unscrew the four 5 mm screws on the sides of the mother board Phillips #00 Screwdriver. Pry the motherboard out from the bottom of the front casing using the large plastic opening tool.