Friday, June 17, 2016

Apple AirPort Extreme – How to replace the Antenna – Laptop repair and service

  • How to replace the Antenna 

Apple AirPort Extreme

First start by peeling off the outer rubbery covering on the bottom of the device.
CAUTION: This part is very fragile, so it is recommended that a blow dryer is used on the covering to heat it up. Simply blow dry the covering while slowly peeling it away, and the covering will not tear.
After removing the rubber covering, unscrew the five 4.9mm Phillips screws in the holes of the plastic casing.
After unscrewing all five screws, remove the plastic casing. The back should now look like the picture shown.
The inner metal casing is latched inside the outer white plastic shell, so insert a pry tool underneath the metal casing and pry it apart from the shell.
It should make a click when it comes apart.
Remove the outer casing.
The exposed logic board should look like this.
Remove the metal casing by gently prying the logic board away with you hands.
This should be pretty easy, you already removed the screws holding these pieces together.
Turn the device so that the antenna to be replaced is facing you.
Caution: Be careful not to bend the metal strip that the antenna is attached to. This may cause problems during reassembly and use.
Using the screwdriver, unscrew the 2.5mm Phillips screw on the antenna.
Turn the device over so that the antenna with the screw removed is still facing you.
Carefully peel back the metallic silver tape covering the cable of the antenna to be removed.
Carefully peel back the clear yellow tape covering the cable of the antenna to be removed
Remove the antenna.