Wednesday, June 01, 2016

ClickN Kids Tablet – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the case – How to replace the touch screen – Tablet repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the connections 
  • How to remove the touch screen 

ClickN Kids Tablet 

Start on the side with the camera
Insert a plastic opening tool into the space between the screen and the back side.
The screen side is black, the back side is colored
Press the plastic opening tool in until you hear a “click” and that part of the tablet opens.
Press and slide the plastic opening tool around all sides of the tablet until all sides pop off.
The corners can be tricky. Also, You need to pry out all sides to access the inside.
Lift the detached screen from the camera side until you can see the inside of the tablet.
Don't open too fast, or you might damage the ribbon cables.
Be careful not to damage any wires or ribbon cables during this step.
There are two ribbon cables to remove during this step. Each is connected to a base on the motherboard.
There is a black tab behind the long ribbon cable. Lift up the black tab.
For the ribbon cable in the back, pull the black tabs on the side out.
Detach the ribbon cables connecting the screen to the motherboard.
Remove any tape that is holding down the ribbon cables. Set it aside.
Once the ribbon cables are freed, separate the top and bottom sides.
Remove the yellow tape on the right side. Easiest side to get. Remove the black and yellow tape stuck together on the left and bottom sides of the
Make sure the screen is facedown and level to prevent or reduce damage to the display.
There is an adhesive on the top edge of the display’s face. Be careful not to damage the display.
Flex the sides of the tablet until the clips holding the display to the screen case pop loose.
Be careful not to damage the display or screen case.
Pull the display from the top side to detach it from the screen case.