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Gateway laptop - Gateway KAV60 – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the cooling fan – Laptop repair and service

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  • How to remove the battery  
  • How to remove the case 
  • How to replace the cooling fan 

Gateway KAV60

Cooling fan replacement procedure 
Unlock the tab located in the top left corner of the netbook. The red tab indicated that the battery has been properly unlocked. Remove the battery. When working with electronics, it is always wise to remove the power source before taking the device apart.
Make sure the RAM, hard drive, and WiFi card have been removed from the computer before trying to take off the cover so they are not damaged in the process.
Remove six (6) 5mm screws, two (2) 17.5mm screws, and three (3) 2.5mm screws from the back, using the Phillips #0 screwdriver, as marked here.
Pry off the keyboard by placing your plastic opening tool in the exact location shown in the photograph. You may need to use something sturdier than the plastic opening tool, like the screwdriver.
Remove the five (5) 5mm screws shown here using the Phillips #0 screwdriver.
Separate the upper cover from the back cover. It is possible to do this without a tool, but you may also use a plastic opening tool for added leverage. Be careful to keep even pressure all the way around the cover so that it is not bent beyond repair.
The WiFi card is shown here. Remove the one (1) 5mm screw holding the card to the motherboard using a Phillips #0 screwdriver.
Disconnect the wires on the WiFi card. This can be done easily by applying pressure to the connections until they pop off of the card.
Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the four (4) 5mm screws holding the motherboard in place. Remove the motherboard by lifting it gently from the bottom cover. This image is the rear view of the motherboard.
Begin with the motherboard of the computer, as shown here. Using the #00 Phillips head screwdriver, remove all four (4) screws marked here.
Gently disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard by pulling on the connection until it slips out. The fan should then be fully disconnected from the motherboard and ready for replacement.