Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to replace the rear camera - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 – Tablets repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the battery
  • How to replace the camera

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0

First start out by separating the screen from the back cover by using the larger plastic opening tool to pry them apart.
After every part of the screen is separated from the back cover you should be able to fully remove it with your hands.
Now to remove the battery you must use something small, such as tweezers to disconnect the battery from its port.
Note: the connection lifts up to remove
After the battery is disconnected you may use your hands to pull out the battery. It may be a little difficult because there is adhesive on the backside of the battery to help keep it secure, but it will come out.
Disconnect the relays attached to the motherboard.
Unscrew the 2.9mm screws from the speakers using a Phillips head #000 screw driver and then lift the speakers from the device.
Take a plastic remover tool and carefully unseat each of the electric leads currently plugged into the board.
Unscrew the 2.9mm phillips #000 screw above the battery, and the 3 to the right of the
Carefully lift the board from the device.
Disconnect the Rear Camera
Flip the motherboard to reveal the rear camera connection and with tweezers gently lift the connector pins and remove the camera.