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How to replace the USB Charging port – HP Slate 7 – Tablets repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the battery 
  • How to replace the USB port 

HP Slate 7 

USB Charging port Replacement 
Begin your replacement by using a T3 or T4 Torx screwdriver.
Remove the two 1.4mm x 3mm Torx Head screws at the top of the device.

With the pointed end of the spudger, remove the thin metal band.
It is easiest to remove the metal band through the headphone opening.
Using the flat end of the spudger, pry back the rear plastic cover.
As you work your way around the edge, several "pop" noises will be made. These noises are caused by the plastic clips coming undone.
Remove the rear cover.
Locate and remove the yellow tape covering the red and white speaker wires.
Using the pointed end of the spudger, push both sides of the speaker wire connector out of its base.
Push the same amount on both sides of the connector to avoid jamming or twisting its metal pins.
Do not yank or pull on the speaker wires, since they are fragile. Only push on the white connector.
Gently pull back the foil covering the gold charging port ribbon.
Using the flat end of the spudger, lift up the black panel covering the charging port connector.
Gently slide the charging port ribbon out from its housing.
It may be easier to use the pointed end of the spudger than your fingers.
Lift gold charging strip away from the battery.
Push the white battery connector out of its housing using the pointed end of the spudger.
Using the #00 Phillips Head screwdriver, remove the 5 screws holding the battery in place.
The four 1.75mm x 3mm silver
Phillips Head screws circled in red are interchangeable.
The black 1.75mm x 4mm Phillips
Head screw must go back to the same spot during reassembly.
Lift battery out of its place and set aside.
To free the speaker assembly, you will need a #00 Phillips Head screwdriver.
Remove the two 1.75mm x 3mm Phillips Head screws from the speaker assembly.
Pull back the foil overlapping the charging port to reveal another 1.75mm x 3mm Phillips Head screw.
Remove the screw with a #00 Phillips Head screwdriver.
Lift the charging port and set it aside.