Sunday, June 26, 2016

How to replace the Wifi Card – Xbox one – How to remove the case – Laptop repair and service

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  • How to remove the side cover
  • How to remove the case
  • How to remove WIFI card 

Xbox one WIFI

With a plastic opening tool, pry the side vent from the console. Start from the back edge and work towards the front of the console.
Slide the black angled tab behind the silver button toward the back of the console and set it aside.
Rotate the Xbox and remove the warranty sticker from the back. Removing this seal and opening the case of the Xbox voids your warranty with Microsoft. Use a plastic opening tool on the back to pry the top of the case from the bottom. Use an up and out motion to dislodge the clips. There are multiple clips to release on the back and two on the sides. This step may take up more time than the others, keep prying with the plastic opening tool and when you release one clip, wedge something underneath it so it doesn't close again.
Carefully lift the top of the case, note that there is a wire connecting the front panel to the motherboard. Take care not to break this. Using a spudger, release the ribbon wire from the front panel. The top case is now free, set it aside.
Remove the speaker by squeezing the the tab on the black plastic mounting piece and lifting it up. Carefully unplug the connector from the green front panel board. The speaker is now free, set it aside.
Unscrew the two 8.2mm T-9 screws securing the Wi-Fi board to the chassis. Using the spudger, gently lift the antenna connector from the Wi-Fi board.
Using a spudger and a motion similar to the previous step, gently lift the antenna connector from the green board on the front. Carefully pull out the clips securing the antenna wire to the chassis, releasing the wire.
Carefully pull the Wi-Fi board straight up to release it from the chassis. The Wi-Fi board is now free.