Monday, June 13, 2016

HTC MyTouch 4G – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the case – How to remove the mother board – How to replace the buttons – Mobiles and smartphones repair and service

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Contents of this article 

  • How to remove the case
  • How to remove the mother board 
  • How to replace the buttons 

HTC MyTouch 4G

Flip your phone over and hold the phone with the back facing you.
Place the prying tool into the notch at the bottom of the case and pull up to remove.
Use the plastic prying tool in the upper left-hand corner notch of the battery to remove.
Remove the two T5x5mm Screws with the T5 Torx Screw driver. Remove the one Phillips screw with the Phillips #00 Screwdriver.
Use the plastic opening tools to remove the back case. There are four T5x5mm screws. Use the T5 Torx Screwdriver to remove them. Using the plastic opening tools, remove the Wifi antenna.
There are three button ribbons on the phone that need to be pulled down off of the case. With the plastic opening tools, pull the button ribbons down away from the frame without completely removing them.
After making sure the button ribbons are away from the frame, insert the plastic opening tool into the frame and remove it. Remove two Philips screws holding the Motherboard in place.
Three ribbon cables and the vibration motor need to be disconnected from the Motherboard. Using the plastic opening tools, pull up on the power button ribbon to gently detach it. Remove the vibration motor by gently pulling it off of the Motherboard.
Remove the digitizer ribbon cable with the plastic opening tools. Remove the LCD ribon cable from its connector. It is now safe to release the Motherboard from the clips holding it in place. Start at the top clip of the phone and move your way around gently releasing each clip.
Do not lift the Motherboard off the phone. The LCD Ribbon is still connected to it. Lift the Motherboard towards the left to expose the LCD clamp connector. Open the clamp connector of the LCD ribbon by carefully pulling it up with the plastic opening tools.
The Motherboard is now removed.
Pic 12
After removing the motherboard from the phone, the button bar is exposed and easily replaced. Use the plastic opening tools to remove the button bar and replace it with the new one.