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Inteset 4-in-1 Universal remote control - Inteset INT-422 – Code list for Bluray players – Code list for Sound bars – How to program the universal remote – Universal remote codes and programming

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  • Manual code setup 
  •  Auto search 
  • Codes for Bluray and sound bars 

Inteset  INT-422

Manual programming procedure 
Once you have the setup codes, it will take just a few minutes to configure your remote for your A/V devices. Note that if you own an AppleTV, Xbox One, Windows Media Center system, or Roku device, the setup codes for these devices are already preprogrammed to the A, B, C, and D device mode buttons respectively on the remote. If you do not use one or any of these devices, you can simply overwrite the pre-programming with your own setup codes.
Follow the steps below to program the remote to work with your devices:
1. Turn on the device (ie: your TV).
2. Press the Device key on the remote you wish to program (ie: A, B, C, or D).
3. Press and hold the SET button on the remote until the signal LED (red light) blinks twice, then release the button.
4. Enter the first five-digit setup code for the device. The LED blinks once as each digit is entered. If the code is valid, the LED will blink twice quickly.
NOTE: If the LED does not blink twice after entering the five-digit code, repeat steps 2-4.
5. Aim the remote at the device (ie: TV) and press the remote’s POWER button (top right corner). The device should turn off. If it does not, you should repeat steps 3-5, trying each code for your device’s brand until you find the one that works.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the other devices you want to control.
Most buttons on the remote are already intuitively labeled, but some, such as the Device mode buttons (ie: A, B, C, and D) will need labels. You can add the appropriate supplied sticker labels above the buttons on the remote to clarify the buttons’ function.
Code search procedure 
If in the unlikely situation you cannot find a setup code match based on the above instructions, you can try searching the entire code database by cycling through all codes. To do this, follow the steps below:
1. Turn on the device you wish to control (ie: TV).
2. Press the desired Device mode button once.
3. Press and hold the SET button until the red LED blinks twice, then release.
4. Enter 9 9 1. The LED will blink twice.
5. Press the device group number that corresponds to your device (ie: 0=cable boxes, 1=TVs, 2=DVDs, Blu-ray players, streaming, 3=audio equipment).
6. Aim the remote at the device and press the
POWER button. The remote will send the IR codes of its entire library for the power button within that device group.
7. If the device does not respond, press the CH+ button and the remote will send the next code.
Continue until the device shuts off (press CH- for the previous code).
8. Once the device turns off, press the SET button to save the code to the selected device mode.
Resetting the remote to factory default 
If for any reason you want to completely clear all of the programming you performed on the remote to the original settings, follow the steps below:
1. Press and hold the SET button until the red LED blinks twice, then release.
2. Enter 9 7 7, the LED will blink four times indicating that it has been completely reset to the factory default.
Codes for Blu-ray Player
Ambiance, 23052
Denon, 22258, 22748
Dyon, 23052
Elite, 22854
Foehn & Hirsch, 23052
Funai, 20675
Harman/Kardon, 22927, 23228
Hiteker, 23052
i-Joy, 23052
Insignia, 20675, 22428, 22596
Integra, 22147
JVC, 22365
Lenco, 23052
Lexicon, 22545
LG, 20741, 21602, 22811
Limit, 23052
Magnavox, 20675
Marantz, 22414
Memorex, 22331
Momitsu, 23052
Ölevia, 22331
Onkyo, 22147
Oppo, 22545
Panasonic, 21641, 22710, 23580, 23641, 23862, 23935
Philips, 22084, 22434, 22789
Pioneer, 20142, 22442, 22854
Samsung, 20199, 22951, 23195, 03063
Sharp, 22250, 23313
Sherwood, 23052, 23925
Sony, 21516, 31622
Sylvania, 20675
Toshiba, 22551, 22705, 23157
Viore, 22553
VIZIO, 22563
Yamaha, 22298, 23837
Codes for Sound Bar 
Harman/Kardon, 33517
JBL, 33535
LG, 33217
Panasonic, 33409
Polk Audio, 33429
Samsung, 32660
Sharp, 33097
Sony, 32610
Toshiba, 33627
VIZIO, 32454
Yamaha, 32458
ZVOX, 32332