Thursday, June 23, 2016

JVC DLA-X95R – How to replace the Projector lamp – How to remove and clean the air filter – Projector repair and Service


Lamp replacement procedure
1.Pull out the power plug from the power outlet
2. Remove the lamp cover
Remove the screws with a + screwdriver.
3. Loosen the screws of the lamp unit
Loosen the screws with a + screwdriver.
4. Pull out the lamp unit
Grasp the handle and pull out the lamp unit.
5. Install the new lamp unit
6. Tighten the screws of the new lamp unit
Tighten the screws with a + screwdriver.
7. Attach the lamp cover
Insert the two tabs at the top and bottom of the lamp cover into the unit.
Tighten the screws with a + screwdriver.
Resetting the Lamp Time
1. Press the [MENU] button to display the menu
2. Select “Function”> “Lamp Reset” from the menu
3. On the Reset Lamp Time? screen, select Yes and press the OK button
The lamp time is reset to zero.
Resetting the lamp time using the remote control
1. Insert the power plug into the power outlet
2. Make sure that you operate the remote control in the Standby mode (the power plug is inserted into the outlet, but the power is not turned on)
Press in the order as shown.
Make sure that you press a button within two seconds after the last button is pressed.
Press the last button for at least two seconds.
The “LAMP” indicator and “STANDBY/ON” indicator blink alternately for three seconds. After that, the unit switches to the Standby mode.
Cleaning and Replacing the Filter
Make sure that you pull out the power plug from the outlet before cleaning or replacing the filter.
Before turning this unit upside down and placing it on the floor or a table, make sure that you lay a soft rag in advance to prevent the projector from being scratched.
1. Remove the inner filter
2. Clean the filter
Wash the filter with water and dry it in a shaded area.
If the filter is extremely dirty, clean it with a neutral detergent. Put on rubber gloves when using a neutral detergent.
After washing the filter with water, make sure that it is completely dry before reinstalling. Otherwise, electric shock or malfunction may occur.
Do not clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner or air duster. The filter is soft and may be easily damaged.
3. Reinstall the inner filter
If the filter is damaged or too dirty to be cleaned
Replace with a new filter. A dirty filter will dirty the internal parts of the unit and cause shadows to appear on the video image.