Monday, June 13, 2016

LG LCD Projector – LG BG630 - BG650 – How to replace the lamp – How to rest the lamp hour – How to clean the filter – projector repair and Service

How to Cleaning the Lens
If there is any dust or staining on the lens surface, you must clean the lens.
Use an air spray or a cleaning cloth to clean the lens.
To remove dust or stains, use an air spray or apply a small amount of cleaning agent onto a swab or soft cloth to lightly rub the lens.
Please be aware that liquid may flow into the lens if the product is sprayed directly onto the lens.
How to Cleaning the Projector Case
To clean the projector case, first unplug the power cord.
To remove dust or stains, use only a dry, lint-free, soft cloth to polish the lens.
Do not use alcohol, benzene, thinners or other chemicals, which may damage the case.
How to Cleaning the Air Inlet and Outlet
Dust or foreign objects can easily build up in the air inlet and outlet.
Remove dust and foreign objects from the inlet and outlet regularly, clean the air inlet ( Air filter) regularly and replace it with a new one if the filter is damaged.
If you continue to use the projector with dust accumulations in the air inlet and outlet, the projector may malfunction due to its internal components overheating.
How to Replacing the lamp
1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cable from the outlet and place it on a table or a flat surface.
- Allow the lamp to cool down for 1 hour before removing the used lamp from the projector because it is very hot.
2. Unscrew the screw fixing the lamp cover using a screw driver or its equivalent. After removing the screws, slide out the lamp cover.
3. After opening the lamp cover, un screw the 3 screws that fix the lamp using a screw driver or its equivalent.
4. Slide out the fixed lamp from the hitch part.
5. Hold the lamp and pull it out slowly to remove the lamp case.
6. Insert the new lamp case gently into the correct position. (Check if it is correctly positioned.)
7. Tighten the screws you removed in step 3. (Check if the lamp is securely fixed.)
8. Close the lamp cover and tighten the screw loosened in step 2 to fix the cover.
- If you turn on the projector while the lamp cover is open, the lamp warning indicator will blink in green and the projector will not be turned on.
LED blinking and causes
Orange (blinking)
The projector is turned off due to high temperature.
Red, Orange (switching)
A problem related to projector lamp or lamp occurs.
Turn on the projector again after waiting for sufficient time.
Green, Orange (switching)
The projector is turned off because the internal fan is not working.
Red, Green (switching)
Lamp case open warning
Red, Green, Orange (switching)
lamp worn-out warning
Red, Orange, Green, (switching)
iris initialize fail
How to Resetting lamp hour
1. Press the SETTINGS button.
2. Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT button to select OPTION and press the OK button.
3. Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT button to select initial Setting  and press the OK button.
- To return to the previous menu, press the RETURN button.
4. Press the EXIT button when completed.
Initializing will Reset all the projector setting to factory default.