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LG Nitro HD – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the case – How to remove Cameras – How to remove Touch screen – Mobiles and smartphones repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the Touchscreen 
  • How to remove the cameras 

LG Nitro HD

Begin to disassemble the LG Nitro HD by removing the back cover.
Insert the plastic opening tool in the notch that is in the back cover of the phone. Pry at this point to release the clips holding the cover down to the phone.
With the back cover off, the battery is visible. Use the plastic opening tool to lift up and remove the battery from the LG Nitro HD.
With the back cover and battery detached, the SIM and microSD cards are easily accessible.
Remove them from the phone.
The rear section of the case is secured by nine Phillips screws (#00), locate and remove these screws with the appropriate screwdriver.
After the bottom three screws have been removed from the rear case, pry the speaker assembly from its secured location and remove it from the Nitro.
To remove the rear portion of the case, insert the plastic opening tool in the seam that goes around the perimeter of the phone.
Pry up the rear-facing camera using the spudger and remove it from the LG Nitro HD.
After you begin the separation at the seam, separate the plastic clips holding the case to the phone with a slight twist of the opening tool.
The headphone jack is easily removed with the spudger and a little prying.
Use the spudger to pry up the two connections on the motherboard for the front-facing camera and earpiece speaker.
Again, use the spudger to pry up the three connections on the other side of the motherboard.
Remove the small antenna plug in the bottom left corner of the motherboard. Remove the plug from its socket by pulling it up off its connector.
With all the connections released, you can now lift the motherboard away from the LG Nitro HD. Locate and remove the four small Phillips screws (#00) that are securing the touch screen to the frame of the phone with the appropriate screwdriver.
To remove the touch screen from the frame, pry up the small connection that is secured to the frame.
With the Phillips screws removed and the ribbon cables released, the touch screen is free to separate from the frame of the LG Nitro HD.
The small connection is held to the frame with a small amount of adhesive, so use the spudger to release the connection.
Use the heat gun/blow drier to soften the adhesive around the perimeter of the touch screen and help prepare it to be separated from the plastic trim.
Use the spudger, and a little force, to separate the touch screen and the plastic trim.
The earpiece speaker is secured down with adhesive. Use the spudger to release and remove the earpiece speaker from the Nitro HD.
Push the front-facing camera through from the back with your spudger, its secured with a small amount of adhesive. Remove the front-facing camera from the Nitro HD.
Peel back the tape that is covering the connections to the LCD and home button assembly.
The home button assembly is held down with a small amount of adhesive. Using the spudger, carefully peel up the home button assembly and remove it from the LG Nitro HD.
In preparation for removing the LCD, peel back the large black sticker that is covering the LCD’s ribbon wire.
Use the spudger to peel the LCD ribbon cable from its securing adhesive. Still utilizing the spudger, separate the LCD from the phone’s frame.