Thursday, June 09, 2016

Matrix E5X Elliptical trainer – How to access Manager mode – How to access to service mode – Elliptical maintenance tips – Console Error code and causes – Treadmill repair and service

trix E5X

Manager Mode
The Manager's Custom Mode allows the club owner to customize the Elliptical Trainer for the club.
1) To enter Manager Mode, press and hold down the UP and DOWN LEVEL keys. Continue to hold down these two keys until the display reads Manager Mode and hit ENTER.
2) To scroll through the list of options in Manager Mode, use the UP and DOWN LEVEL keys. Each of the custom settings will show on the
3) To select a custom setting, press the ENTER key when the desired setting is shown.
4) To change the value of the setting, use the UP and DOWN LEVEL keys.
5) To confirm and save the value of the setting, press the ENTER key.
6) To exit the setting without saving, press the BACK key.
7) Press and hold the STOP key for 3-5 seconds to return to normal operation.
Engineering / Service Mode
To enter Engineering or Service Mode, hold the UP and DOWN LEVEL keys for 3 seconds until Manager Mode appears on the middle LED
display. Press the UP or DOWN LEVEL key to scroll between the different Engineering (Figure A) and Service Modes (Figure B).
Engineering Mode
Disable errors: Displays the class A and B error codes.
Speed unit: Sets the distance to show in miles or kilometers.
machine type: Should be set for Elliptical Trainer at all times.
Power save time: Sets the amount of time the console keeps the workout information after the completion of a workout.
Service Mode
service 1: Display Test.
service 2: Keypad Test.
service 3: Accumulated Distance and Time.
service 4: CSAFE Test.
service 5: Error Log
Error codes on the console
Machine type error.
Set the correct machine type in Engineering Mode.
Resistance type error.
Set the correct machine type in Engineering Mode.
A Low voltage on the battery (voltage under 11.2V).
Charge by running or by plugging in the AC adapter.
LCB failed (memory write error / feedback ADC error).
Replace the LCB.
Battery failure or disconnection (Voltage under 8V or over 15V).
Check the wire connections at the battery. Replace the battery.
When the UCB implements a command, the LCB is not receiving this command.
Check the machine type in Engineering Mode. Check the connections at the UCB and LCB.
Digital Communication Failure.
LCB has no return message for the UCB for 3 seconds.
Check the console cable connections at the UCB and LCB. Replace the UCB or LCB as needed.
UCB No Response. Check the console cable connections at the UCB and
LCB. Replace the UCB or LCB as needed.
Maintenance Tips
Daily maintenance items
1) Look and listen for loose fasteners, unusual noises, and any other indications that the equipment may be in need of service.
2) Clean the elliptical trainer before and after each use, including:
a. Use a damp, soft cloth with water or mild liquid detergent to clean all exposed surfaces. DO NOT use ammonia, chlorine, or any acid based cleaners.
b. Keep the console display free of fingerprints and salt build up caused by sweat.
c. Frequently vacuum the floor beneath the unit to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt which can affect the smooth operation of the unit.
Monthly maintenance items
1) Inspect the console, handrails, link arms, pedal arms, and pedals for damage.
2) Check the link / pedal arms for loose joints, tighten hardware as needed.
3) Check pedal motion and stability.
4) Adjust leveling feet if the equipment rocks or wobbles.
5) Remove the rear shroud, and clean the rollers / tracks to prevent flat spots caused by dust / dirt.
Quarterly maintenance items
1) Remove the front shrouds and check belts for damage, alignment, and proper tension.