Friday, June 17, 2016

Nokia XL Dual Sim – How to replace the Rear camera – Mobiles and samrtphones repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove connections 
  • How to remove the camera 

Nokia XL Dual Sim

You will first need to separate the back cover from the device.
Gently pry open each side of the device at the indicated locations. It is best to use a plastic opening tool or similar item.
Once the back cover is removed, the battery will be in plain sight. It will need to be removed.
You can use a plastic opening tool to lift the battery. From there, you can simply remove it.
To access the inner components of the device, you will need to remove the various screws that are on the device
You will need a T5 Precision Torx screw driver to remove the screws.
The locations of the T5x3.4mm screws are indicated in the picture.
The locations of the T5x4.1mm screws are indicated in the picture.
You will need to use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the device apart.
There are flaps on both sides of the phone as indicated in the picture. This is what you will need to pry apart. Please be cautious when opening the device. There are various connectors inside the device that must be handled with care.
Once the device is opened you can take note of all the components
With tweezers, gently release the rear camera motherboard connector.
Gently pull the motherboard connector upward to remove the rear camera component.