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Samsung Gravity TXT – Disassembling procedure – Mobiles and Smartphones repair and Service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the battery 
  • How to remove the volume rocker 

Samsung Gravity TXT 

Pry the back cover off with a plastic opening tool, or your fingernail, in the indentation on the bottom of the device.
Lift the back cover away from the main body of the phone.
Insert your finger in the groove below the battery.
Press the battery toward the audio jack while lifting upward and away from the phone.
Remember to place the battery back with the copper contacts on the battery lined up with those on the phone.
Using your finger, push the SIM Card down and slide out of the slot.
Slide the SIM card out enough to grab it firmly.
Remove the SIM card away from the phone.
Follow the visual on the bottom of the SIM card slot to put the SIM card back in the correct orientation.

When sliding the SIM Card back in the slot, make sure the card goes all the way in the slot until it hits the stopper.
Using your fingernail, push the microSD card slightly deeper into the slot, until you hear a click.
The removal of the battery is not required for this operation; therefore, step 3 can be skipped if just replacing the microSD card.
After the click, release the microSD card to allow it to pop out.
Remove the microSD card from its slot
When placing the microSD card back in the phone, make sure the card clicks in place.
Remove the six 3 mm #00 Phillips screws in the plastic back frame.
Slide the keyboard out.
Use a Jimmy to separate a small segment of the plastic back frame from rest of the phone.
Starting at the bottom of the keyboard is recommended.
Slide an opening pick around the rest of the seam, starting at the gap just created with the Jimmy.

You will have to slide the keyboard back in to separate the back frame from the top have of the keyboard slider.
Lift the plastic back frame away.
Unhook the volume rocker tether with a pair of tweezers or the pointed end of a spudger.
The button and tether will be in the plastic back frame.
Push the + end of the volume rocker toward the inside of the back frame until it rolls over the "+ end" retainer feature on the frame.
You may have to use the back end of a plastic opening tool or solid object to press the + side far enough to release it.
New line.Lift the button out of its slot in the frame.