Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Sony Handycam - DCR-SR42 - Disassembling - How to remove and Replace the Hard disk drive – Camera repair and Service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the connections 
  • How to replace the HDD

Sony Handycam - DCR-SR42

Hard drive Replacement Procedure 
Remove the battery, and use the Phillips #00 precision screwdriver to then remove the three 3mm Phillips #00 screws under the battery. Wait 1 hour after removing the battery before continuing to disassemble the camera.
Remove the three 3mm #00 Phillips screws on the bottom of the camera.
Remove the three 3mm Phillips #00 screws on the side of the camera. Remove the 4mm Phillips #00 screw under the AV port cover.
Gently pull the black plastic hard drive cover away from the body of the camera. This will expose the hard drive. Even with all the screws removed, this part will require some force to remove.
Lift the hard drive out of the camera by grasping the grey rubber mounting brackets and pulling them upwards. The hard drive is attached to the flex cable. Remove the hard drive slowly to prevent the flex cable from being damaged.
Remove the rubber mounting brackets by pulling them off the hard drive.
Carefully unplug the flex cable from the hard drive.