Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Treadmill troubleshooting - Bladez ION 7.9T – AC power input test – E1 – E2 – E6 - E7 Error test - Treadmill repair and service

Bladez ION 7.9

Tools need: Multimeter, phillips screwdriver,
When unit turns on, no power on the console and on/off switch does not light up.
1. Check the wall AC outlet for power, please make sure to switch multimeter to read AC output before proceeding to plug probes to the wall outlet as shown. It should read approximately 120-130V. If you get zero or very low reading, you get a bad wall outlet. Otherwise, proceed to step 2. If you don’t have multimeter, plug any working appliance that you know to see whether the outlet is working fine.
2. If AC outlet is fine, then check on/off switch. Pull out the cables on the top of the on/off switch and place probes on the switch as shown to read the AC output. The reading should be around 120-130V. If there is none or very low reading, you get a faulty switch. Please call Bladez for on/off switch replacement part. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.
If the console has no power, but the on/off switch light up.
3. Check the cable connections on the back of the console a. Remove screws to pull the rear console cover b. Verify all wires are secure and attached in the correct position as shown. Verify that there aren’t any pinches or cuts in any of the wires in particular the main cable where the uprights are joined with the base frame or where the console joins with the uprights.
4. Turn unit off, set multimeter to read OHM. Then place probes on both legs of the circuit breaker, reading should be around 0.3-0.5Ω. If there is zero or very low reading, replace circuit breaker. Otherwise, go to next step.
6. Power off the unit, pull out cables M+ and M- (motor cables) from the Lower control board. Then place probes on the motor connects on the board as shown, make sure the multimeter is set to read DC output before restarting the treadmill. Then press quick start to start to unit and you should read 26-30V before the error code E1 appears on the treadmill console. If you get zero or very low reading, then you may have a defective lower control board.
Check whether the fuse on the lower board is defective before replacing the board. Make sure the unit is power off, turn the voltmeter to read continuity as shown. You will hear a beep sound if the fuse is good or no beep if the fuse is bad.
Lift up the front motor cover by removing 4 screws, then check the alignment of the speed sensor as shown below.
1. Replace the defective main cable - Disconnect the main cable from the top of the console and pull it out from the bottom of right upright opening. Then fit a new main cable through the upright and reconnect, E1 error should disappear when power on.
Error code: E2
Treadmill does not seem to run at the speed it displays or E2 may be display on
console. Restart the unit to eliminate the E2 error code, if E2 still exists, replace lower control board.
Error code: E6 or E7
E6 indicates the actual elevation position is within preset range (0-15)
E7 indicates the actual elevation position is beyond preset range (<0 or >15)
Both E6 or E7 can appear immediately after unit is first turned on or during the unit is operating. 1. If E6 or E7 appears during power on or during operation, turn off and restart treadmill. If E6 or E7 still appears on the display, turn off and restart treadmill again. If this problem persists, go to next step. 2. If the treadmill stops at higher level, press “STOP” & “DOWN” buttons at the same time for 3-5 seconds to reset the elevation motor to bring the unit down to zero position. Or else, press “STOP” & “UP” buttons at the same time for 3-5 seconds to bring the unit up to zero position. 3. Turn off and restart the treadmill, the unit should show at 0% elevation and press Quick start to begin.