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Xbox 360E – How to remove the case – how to remove the mother board - Laptop repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the metal shield
  • How to remove the mother board 

Xbox 360E

Push the Spudger into the crevice between the grated top panel of the Xbox and the bottom body with the rubber feet. Pull back on the spudger like a lever, keeping it pressed firmly into the crevice. Slide the spudger along the separation you have created between the grated panel and the bottom body of the Xbox. Periodically pull back on the spudger like a lever, keeping it pressed firmly into the crevice.
Continue sliding the spudger along the perimeter of the left grated face of the Xbox. Pull the top panel off.

Push the spudger into the crevice between the right grated face and the top body of the Xbox. It's easier to begin away from the vent. Pull up on the spudger like a lever, keeping it pressed firmly into the crevice.
Slide the spudger along the crevice to separate the grated face and the top body.
Wiggle the spudger in the crevice as you slide the spudger to loosen the bottom plate. Slide the spudger along the crevice, going completely about the perimeter of the bottom panel. Pull the bottom panel off.
In front of the CD drive you will find the Xbox logo. Press on the area left of the Xbox logo, and the disk tray panel will pop off.
Beginning on the left side without the grate, run the spudger along the crevice until you've reached the grated part, while holding the part that's being separated as you go.
Keep holding the partially separated panel open. It's easiest to do this by wedging a spudger into the opening but can also be held open by your hands. Rotate the Xbox to the left to locate the clip connecting the front panel to the body. Insert the spudger inside the gap to release the clip. This may require wiggling the spudger. The clip will pop off, making the front panel looser.
Flip the Xbox so the opposite side is towards you. Make sure to keep the separation open. Locate the other clip and insert the spudger to remove it.
Continue to run the spudger along the crease to release any further clips that may still be attatched. Do no pull off the panel too fast because you don't want to damage the ribbon cable. Slowly pull away the panel. Now that the front panel has been released from its clips you can pull off the front panel.
Find the brown section where the ribbon cable enters the green board. Flip the brown part up and pull out the plastic tab at the end of the ribbon.
Looking at the body of the device, locate the green panel to the right of the CD drive. Remove the two 6 mm screws located on the top left and middle right with a T8 Torx screwdriver. Grip the middle of the green board and gently pull it out.
Remove the 11 mm screw left of the green wifi-card using the T9 Torx screw bit.
Firmly grip the green Wi-Fi card and pull it out of the Xbox.
Orient the Xbox so the bottom body is facing upwards. Make sure you see the rubber feet to know you have the correct side of the device. Lift the bottom body slightly away from the core at a 45 degree angle.
Rotate the Xbox so you are now looking at the back of the device. This step of disassembly requires the removal of the warranty sticker. This will void your warranty. Check the main page for a link to warranty information from Microsoft. Remove the sticker from the back of the Xbox.
The sticker is not needed for reassembly.
Turn the Xbox to the left to locate the clip holding the body together. With a spudger, press up on the clip like a latch. Move to the far end to undo the other clip the same way
Push the spudger into the crevice. Slide the spudger along the vertical crevice to detach the last clip. The bottom body should slide off after this.
Remove the five long black 55 mm screws labeled C2-5 and C7 with a T9 Torx screwdriver. Carefully flip the device and pull off the body by lifting from the metal section that is attached to the plastic exterior.
Use your fingers to unplug the blue ribbon cable from the CD drive.
Use tweezers to unplug the blue and pink wires.
Lift the front end of the CD drive and take it out.
From the bottom of your Xbox, take your T9 torx screwdriver and take out all of the 11 mm screws labelled B1-7
Don't forget a screw on the side of the Xbox next to the power plug.
Flip the Xbox over and take out the heat sink plastic shield.
Unplug the red cable. Unplug the blue cable. Take the hard drive assembly by the long plastic arm and lift the entire thing out.
Flip the Xbox to the back and take your T10 torx screwdriver and take out the last four 6 mm screws abelled A1-4.
Back to the top of the Xbox, take out the metal and plastic insert. Place two fingers in between the grooves in the metal body and the motherboard and pull up slightly. Do not pull up from the side with the plugs like the HDMI and internet. As the motherboard comes up, switch to the left side and continue pulling the motherboard up. Once that side of the motherboard is out, lift the rest of the motherboard away from the metal body.