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Panasonic SD Card - Hard Disk Video Camera – Panasonic SDR-H90 - How to format the hard disc – How to set the default setting – How to access service mode - How to replace the lithium battery

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  • How to replace the battery 
  • How to format HDD
  • How to access service mode 

Panasonic SDR-H90

Formatting HDD
When HDD is exchanged, format HDD as the procedure below.
Without formatting, the error message appears on the LCD display when accessing HDD.
Formatting procedure
Rotate the mode dial to select PLAY.
Select [HDD] in [MEDIA SELECT].
1. Press the MENU button, then select [SETUP]  > [FORMAT HDD] > [YES] and press the joystick.
2. When the confirmation message appears, select [YES], then press the joystick.
When formatting is complete, press the MENU button to exit the message screen.
During formatting, do not turn this unit off.
When you format the HDD, use a battery with sufficient battery power or the AC adaptor.
During formatting, do not cause any vibrations or impacts to this unit.
Service Menu
To enter the Service Menu
1. Turn the Power on and set the Mode Dial to [VIDEO RECORDING MODE].
2. Push the [OIS], [JOYSTICK CONTROL LEFT] and [iA] simultaneously for 3 seconds (with no SD Card inserted)
If a SD Card is inserted, the above operation will not work.
To select the Item of Service Menu
1. Press [JOYSTICK CONTROL UP/DOWN] to select item [1], [2], [3], [4], [9], [10], [14] or [15].
2. Press [JOYSTICK CONTROL RIGHT] to display [YES/NO] screen.
3. Press [JOYSTICK CONTROL UP/DOWN] to select [YES].
How to set the Default Setting
1. Turn the Power on and set the Mode Dial to [VIDEO RECORDING MODE].
2. When pressing [OIS], [JOYSTICK CONTROL RIGHT] and [iA] for more than 3 minutes simultaneously (with no SD Card inserted), the items below are set to the Default Setting.
1. Menu, Mode, Adjusted Value
2. Card format
3. Reset of picture files and directory number (Set the picture record file number to 1)
4. Clear the information of Mechanism Lock
5. Set the time setting to no-setting
How to Replace the Lithium Battery (PROCEDURE)
1. Remove the LCD BL P.C.B..
2. Remove the Lithium Battery “ML-614S/ZTE” and then replace the new one.
Pic 1
The lithium battery is a critical component. (Type No.: ML-614S/ZTE Manufactured by Panasonic.)
It must never be subjected to excessive heat or discharge.
It must therefore only be fitted in equipment designed specifically for its use.
Replacement batteries must be of the same type and manufacture.
They must be fitted in the same manner and location as the original battery, with the correct polarity contacts observed.
Do not attempt to re-charge the old battery or re-use it for any other purpose.
It should be disposed of in waste products destined for burial rather than incineration.