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Sony Ericsson Z500a – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the display – mobiles and smartphones Repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to Remove the logic board 
  • How to remove the display 

Sony Ericsson Z500a

Remove back cover and battery.
Using a T6 precision screwdriver, remove the 4 screws. Flip open the phone and keep the back cover facing you.
With the phone open, take the plastic opening tool and run it between the phone case and phone body to loosen the key pad. Note: There are two clamps that lock it to the phone case (one on each side).
Flip the phone over and lift straight up on the key pad to remove it. Be sure to hold the phone flat (parallel to the table) because there are loose parts that may fall out.
Use the i Pod opening tool to remove the 2 ribbon wires (boxed in the photo) from the logic board.
Gently lift the back of the logic board and then pull outwards. Be careful not to rip the ribbon wire.
If the parts are loose you can remove the black sim card reader and green vibrator before continuing, otherwise they may fall out.
Close the phone, flip it over, grab the remaining gray covering of the phone and pull it straight up to remove it. There is another piece below this which will break if you don't pull straight up. Once the cover is removed take off the black piece underneath.

Remove the face of the phone by sliding down. Unscrew the 4 screws connecting the screen to the base using a T6 Precision screwdriver.
Use ipod opening tool to pry up the edge of the remaining silver hinge cover. Once it is loose you can pull it off the rest of the way.
To remove the plastic cover on the screen, run the ipod opening tool along the sides between the cover and the body of the phone (like you did for the keyboard)and gently pry upward until it is loose. Like the keyboard there is one clamp on each side. Grab the cover at the bottom of the screen (near the hinge) and pull outward while leaving the top (near the speaker) connected. Once the bottom is pulled out far enough the top will be able to disconnect as well.
Remove the tape on the bottom of the screen so that the screen will be able to come out. There is a finger notch on the top of the screen, gently pull out halfway. Caution: the back of the screen is connected to the base of the phone. So do not pull out or the connection will be broken.
Use the iPod opening device to remove the ribbon wire where it connects to the screen.