Thursday, September 01, 2016

HTC Wizard 100 – How to replace the screen – How to replace the speakers – Mobiles and smartphones repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the mother board 
  • How to remove the screen 

HTC Wizard 100

Power the phone off.
Use your thumb to gently press downward and away from the camera to remove the battery cover.
Pull on the plastic tab to release the battery.
Use a plastic opening tool to remove the camera cover.
Work around the corners to avoid breaking the plastic clips that hold the camera cover on.
Lift the camera cover off of the phone.
Remove the stylus from the phone.
Remove the four 5.5 mm screws with the T6 Torx Screwdriver.
One of the screws might be under a sticker, which will void your warranty.
Be Careful! Do not insert the spudger in between the keyboard and screen. This could break the keyboard off the phone.
If your phone contains a memory card, you may want to remove it before proceeding with this step.
Insert spudger in the bottom corner as seen in the picture. Carefully slide the spudger from the bottom towards the top as seen in the second picture.
Lift the back case off completely.
The speakers might be dangling and unsecured.
Grip the speaker connector with your thumb and finger and gently pull up.
Repeat for 2nd speaker.
Locate the camera and pry off with the plastic opening tool or spudger.
Remove the 3.4 mm black screw with the Phillips #000 screwdriver.
Remove the plastic tape to reveal the connector.
Use your finger or plastic opening tool to flip the connector and release the cable.
Use the plastic opening tool to carefully lift the motherboard off one corner at a time.
Lift the motherboard slowly away from the keyboard because there is a cable attached to bottom of the motherboard.
If the motherboard is not easily removed by pulling, then lift one side of the motherboard until you can see the attached cable. Then use the plastic opening tool to detach the cable from the motherboard.
Using the Phillips Screwdriver #000 remove the four 3.3 mm screws.
Carefully lift the keyboard from the plastic plate by allowing the ribbon cable to slip through the opening of the plastic plate.
Use the Phillips Screwdriver #000 to remove the four 3.8 mm screws from the back of the screen.
Insert the spudger between the panel and the case.
Gently pry off the panel by rotating or wiggling the spudger back and forth.
Lift the panel off while allowing the ribbon to slip through the opening.
Remove the four 2.9 mm screws with the Phillips Screwdriver #000.
Use your fingers to separate the screen assembly from the front panel.
Insert the spudger between the green panel and the screen itself.
Gently wiggle the spudger to pry them apart.
Remove the tape.
Locate the connecting ribbon.
Using the spudger or your thumb and finger, flip the switch up and disconnect the ribbon.
Lift off the panel from the screen.