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Nissan Rogue - AV System diagnosis – Self diagnostic mode – Initialization – Wiring diagram – How to remove the audio system - Car audio Repair and service DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM

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  • Self diagnosis function
  • Wring diagram 
  • Audio system removal

Nissan Rogue - AV System

On Board Diagnosis Function
1. Turn the ignition ON.
2. Turn the audio system OFF.
3. While pressing the preset 1 button, turn the volume control dial clockwise or counterclockwise for 40 clicks or more. 
Shifting from current screen to previous screen is performed by pressing BACK button.
4. The trouble diagnosis initial screen is displayed, and Self Diagnosis or Confirmation/Adjustment can be selected.
Audio Unit Self Diagnosis
1. Select Self Diagnosis.
2. Self diagnosis screen is displayed. The bar graph visible in center of screen indicates progress of self diagnosis.
3. Diagnosis results are displayed after the self diagnosis is completed. The unit names and the connection lines are color coded according to the diagnostic results.
Diagnosis results
Connection line
Connection malfunction
Unit malfunction 1
1: Control unit (audio unit) is displayed in red.
# Replace audio unit if Self Diagnosis did not run because control unit malfunction is indicated. The symptom is audio unit internal error.
# If multiple errors occur at the same time for a single unit, the screen switch colors are determined according to the following order of priority: red > gray.
4. Comments of self diagnosis results can be viewed in the diagnosis result screen.
Audio Unit Confirmation/Adjustment
1. Select Confirmation/Adjustment.
2. Select each switch on the Confirmation/Adjustment screen to display the relevant trouble diagnosis screen. Press the BACK switch to return to the initial Confirmation/Adjustment screen
Vehicle Signals
A comparison check can be made of each actual vehicle signal and the signals recognized by the system.
Speaker Test
Select Speaker Test to display the Speaker Diagnosis screen. Press Start to generate a test tone in a speaker. Press Start again to generate a test tone in the next speaker. Press End to stop the test tones
Error History
The self diagnosis results are judged depending on whether any error occurs from when Self Diagnosis is selected until the self diagnosis results are displayed.
However, the diagnosis results are judged normal if an error has occurred before the ignition switch is turned ON and then no error has occurred until the self diagnosis start. Check the Error Record to detect any error that may have occurred before the self diagnosis start because of this situation.
The frequency of occurrence is displayed in a count up manner. The actual count up method differs depending on the error item.
Count up method A
# The counter is set to 40 if an error occurs. 1 is subtracted from the counter if the condition is normal at a next ignition ON cycle.
# The counter lower limit is 1. The counter can be reset (no error record display) with the Delete log switch. Count up method B
# The counter increases by 1 if an error occurs when ignition switch is ON. The counter will not decrease even if the condition is normal at the next ignition ON cycle.
# The counter upper limit is 50. Any counts exceeding 50 are ignored. The counter can be reset (no error record display) with the Delete log switch.
Display type of occurrence
Error history display item
Count up method A
AV communication line, control unit (AV)
Count up method B
Other than the above
Error item
Some error items may be displayed simultaneously according to the cause. If some error items are displayed simultaneously, the detection of the cause can be performed by the combination of display items.
Error item
Description Possible cause
AV communication circuit initial diagnosis
malfunction is detected.
Replace the audio unit if the malfunction
occurs constantly.

When one of the following is detected:
• malfunction is detected in combination
meter power supply and ground circuits.
• malfunction is detected in AV communication circuits between audio unit and
combination meter.
• Combination meter power supply or
ground circuits.
• AV communication circuits between audio unit and combination meter.
Camera System
This mode is used to adjust the guide line display position of the rear
view camera.
AV COMM Diagnosis
# Displays the communication status between audio unit (master unit) and each unit.
# The error counter displays OK if any malfunction was not detected in the past and displays 0 if a malfunction is detected. It increases by 1 if the condition is normal at the next ignition switch ON cycle.
The upper limit of the counter is 39.
# The error counter is erased if Reset is pressed
C Rx(Meter-ITM)
OK / ??? OK / 0 – 39
OK / ??? OK / 0 – 39
OK / ??? OK / 0 – 39
“???” indicates UNKNOWN.
Delete Unit Connection Log
Deletes any unit connection records and error records from the audio unit memory (clears the records of the unit that has been removed).
Version Information
Displays audio unit software and hardware version numbers.
Initialize Settings
Deletes data stored from the audio unit.
1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
2. Remove A/C switch (AUTOMATIC AIR CONDITIONING) or front air control (MANUAL AIR CONDITIONING).
3. Remove instrument finisher
4. Remove instrument finisher
5. Remove the audio unit screws, then pull out the audio unit.
6. Disconnect the harness connectors from the audio unit and remove.
7. Remove the audio unit bracket (LH/RH) screws and the audio unit brackets (LH/RH) (if necessary).
Installation is in the reverse order of removal.