Monday, October 31, 2016

Lenovo Yoga Book – How to check the AC adapter – How to check the Battery – How to replace the battery – How to disassemble the keyboard – Tablets repair and service

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  • How to check the AC adapter
  • How to remove the key board 
  • How to replace the battery  

Lenovo Yoga Book

Checking the Tab AC Charger
To check the IdeaTab AC Charger, do the following:
1. Disconnect the micro
USB cable from the tablet.
2. Measure the output voltage across the connector marked B of the micro
USB cable. Refer to the following figure:
Note: The output voltage across pin 3 of the microB connector might be different from the one you are servicing.
3. If the voltage is not correct, replace the microUSB cable.
4. If the voltage is acceptable, replace the main board.
Checking the internal battery status
To check the battery status of the tablet, do either of the following:
Approximate information about the battery status
Get the approximate status of the battery at any time by checking the battery status icon on the system bar in the upper
right corner of the screen. The shorter the green bar is, the less the battery power remains.
Accurate information about the battery status
To get the accurate information about the battery status of the tablet, do the following
1.Open the Android Settings screen.
To open the Android Settings screen, do either of the following:
# From the main Home screen, touch the Android Settings icon on Lenovo Launch Zone. The Android Settings screen is displayed.
# Touch the application icon from the action bar and then touch Settings.
The Android Settings screen is displayed.
2.Touch About Tablet on the Android Settings screen.
3.Touch Status to view the accurate percentage of the remaining battery power. You also can touch Battery use to check what applications are consuming battery power.
KeyBoard DisassemblingHeat the 5mm adhesive surface to 6070°C all the way around for about ten minutes.
Place suction cups in the position shown in the photo and slowly lift up the secondary display TP. Once there is a gap, insert the piece for disassembly to 5mm. Do this on all four sides to open it up, and then lift up the secondary display.
Remove the black Mylar. Use tweezers to disconnect the KeyBoard assembly and the main board connected to the FPC interface. Gently pull the FPC, so the main board and the KeyBoard assembly are completely separated.
1. The power key’s FPC can be easily broken in disassembly.
2. When open, the right side of the motor and the EMR are bonded together. Be careful not to break the motor’s lead wire.
3. The KeyBoard assembly’s FPC connector is located on the top left side. Remember that slow disassembly is required so as not to damage the FPC.
How to replace the Battery
Use a screwdriver to remove the black screws from the battery’s silver sheeting, then remove the sheeting.
Use tweezers to open the interface between the battery FPC and the main board.
Use a blade to pry open the black cover on either side of the battery, and remove the covers.
After the covers are completely separated, you will see four pieces of blue adhesive. Pull out the four pieces of adhesive, and gently remove the battery.