Friday, November 04, 2016

Asus ZenFone 2 Laser – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the display – Mobiles and smartphones repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the flex cables
  • How to remove the display 

Asus ZenFone 2 Laser

Insert a spudger or a your fingernail in the slit in the rear case on the right to separate the phone from the case.
There are a few plastic clips, but it shouldn't be too difficult to remove.
Slide out the SIM card and SD card (if applicable)
Remove the battery from the phone by using a spudger near the bottom.’
Remove 12 Phillips screws from the phone.
There are only 8 pictured, but there are also four at the bottom.
Remove the plastic covering after taking out the screws. It should come out relatively easily.
If the rubber camera piece falls out, put it back in the square where the rear camera sits.
Use a spudger swing open the white "door" and use tweezer to pull out the connector.
Use a spudger to pop off the loudspeaker. It is held to the case by a little adhesive.
Pick up the vibration motor out of its plastic housing.
Do not remove the vibration motor entirely since it is soldered to the logic board.
There are two plastic clips that hold the logic board down. Push one out of the way and grasp the logic board to pull it out.
You want to grab the entire logic board, including the skinny piece that extends down the right to the micro-USB port.
If your new display includes the plastic bezel, you can stop here and begin transferring everything over. If it doesn't, please continue.
Insert your spudger, perhaps an iSesamo, to the top right of the display. You will want to slide it between the glass and the plastic bezel.
There is a good amount of adhesive along the top of the display.
Replace the spudger with a guitar pic to hold its place.
Be careful how you insert the spudger, though, since there is a cable that connects the display to the logic board between the ear speaker and rear camera hole.
Using the spudger (or iSesamo) in a saw-like motion, work your way down the right side of the display.
Make sure you put the tool under the LCD and not in it.
Make sure the tool you're using is under the LCD and not above it. The tool pictured it under it.
The yellow arrow shows where the tool would be if it was above the LCD.
Begin to separate the glass display with LCD from the plastic frame.
There is a lot of adhesive on the top, but there is not much on the sides and on the bottom.
Make sure you slide the top flex cable through the hole before you separate the display (not pictured).
Completely separate the glass display with LCD from the plastic frame.
When installing the new display, prebend the flex cables and make sure they fit where they are supposed it. This will remind you of the iPhone 4/4s screen repair if you have ever done it.