Thursday, November 24, 2016

BlackBerry Storm 9500 – Disassembling procedure – How to replaced the LCD and Touch screen

Turn your Blackberry Storm 9500 onto its back side, and remove the battery door & battery.
Remove the 2 screws (T6) under the battery compartment they are located as shown in red.
Turn the Blackberry Storm 9500 around and pry off the microphone cover at the top using a safe pry tool.
Remove the two screws(T6) as shown.
Flip it back over to the back of the phone, and remove the plastic lens on top of the camera & flash. This is held in place by some adhesive, so use a safe pry tool to remove as shown.
Once the plastic piece is removed, unscrew the two torx screws underneath it.
Now use a safe pry tool, and go along the edges of the phone to release the clips to open the housing. There are a total of 6 clips, 3 on each side. There is a small cap connection that connects the antenna to the logic board as pictured.
Once you have worked you way all the way around the device with the safe pry tool you can now separate the two pieces of the housing.
*Be sure to remove the antenna cable in the top portion of the housing. You will need to reattach this when you repair the phone*
Now remove the logic board & LCD assembly from the rear housing. Be gentle, and do not use excessive force.
Flip the logicboard around so that it is sitting on top of the screen, now remove the two ribbon cables for the LCD & Digitizer.
Put your broken assembly to the side, and now install your new one following the past steps in reverse.
Before ordering your new part, check the number on your existing LCD, it will either be V.014 or V.024.