Sunday, November 27, 2016

BLU Energy X Plus – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the speakers

Before disassembling your BLU Energy X Plus, make sure it is powered off.
Flip your device to the left side facing up and take out the SD card tray using the SIM card eject tool. You will insert the tool in at an angle and lift the tray up.

Flip your device to the right side facing up and use the SIM card eject tool to remove the SIM card  by pushing the tool in the hole. You will feel a button click and the tray should slide out 2mm. You will then use your fingers to pull the tray out.
Flip your device over so your back cover is facing up.
Take the blue plastic opening tool and insert it in-between the back of the phone and the chrome trim. Go all the way around the device slowly to take the back cover off.
Remove the six silver screws from the cover plate, and one black screw from the top.
Use the screwdriver head J000 to remove all the screws.
Six silver screws, all 1.5mm in length.
One black screw, 1mm in length.
After all the screws are out, lift the protective metal cover off of the phone. Lift from the bottom of the cover.
Use the small blue plastic opening tool to lift the contact attached to the battery from the motherboard of the phone.
Use the small blue plastic opening tool to lift the battery from the bottom with little force because the battery will be glued in.
Then, use your hand to remove the battery completely.
Remove the four silver screws usinga J000 screwdriver bit .
Four silver screws, all 1.5mm in length.
There will be a fifth silver screw that is covered by a white sticker.
Remove this screw using the J000 screw driver head.
One silver screw, 1.5mm in length.
Lift the module where the speaker is located.