Friday, November 11, 2016

HTC One X – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the mother board – Mobiles and smartphones Repair and service

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Contents of this article 

  • How to remove the case
  • How to remove the antenna
  • How to Replace the mother board 

HTC One X 

Insert a safety pin, or other small  object in the small opening next to the Sim card slot to remove the SIM card.
The Sim Card Slot is located at the top of the rear panel.
Using a plastic opening tool, carefully separate the display screen from the rear panel.
The display assembly is a tight fit therefore the removal must be carried out carefully with firm, constant force being applied around the bottom corners and sides of the panel. Note that the top of the phone is underneath the panel, and will not come out.
If  your display is cracked, take extra caution when separating the display from the rear panel to prevent further breakage.
Set aside the rear panel.
Remove the five screws at the top of the panel using a Phillips head screwdriver.
Two 2.05mm Philips head screws
Three 2.44mm Philips head screws
Also remove the screws with the warranty stickers.
Once the screws are removed, gently remove the plastic cover using a plastic opening tool to  detach the edges from the front panel.
Once you have disassembled your device, your warranty will no longer be valid
Remove the two screws at the bottom right corner of the front panel using a Phillips head  screwdriver, as shown in the image.
Two 3.35mm Philips head screws
Use tweezers to disconnect the antenna from the logic board to the PCB board.
Remove the tape connected to the motherboard.
Remove the tape holding the battery in place.
Gently lift the battery from the bottom using a plastic opening tool.
You may have to apply heat to melt the glue holding the battery in place.
Do not completely remove the battery yet
You can now disconnect the flex cable holding the PCB board place. Gently open the gates using tweezers or a plastic opening tool and use tweezers to slide the flex cable out.
Now that it's separated, remove and set aside the PCB board.
Place the battery back into its original position once the PCB board has been removed
Use tweezers to disconnect the power button flex cables.
Disconnect the volume flex cable by opening the gate and then sliding the cable out using tweezers.

Disconnect the touchscreen flex cable
Disconnect the remaining two flex cables in a similar manner before completely removing the logic board.
You may now remove the board safely