Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lenovo YOGA 900 – Disassembling procedure – How to check the AC Adapter – Laptop Repair and service

Lenovo YOGA 900

Checking the AC adapter
If the power-on indicator does not turn on, check the power cord of the AC adapter for correct continuity and installation.
To check the AC adapter, follow the steps below:
1. Unplug the AC adapter cable from the computer.
2. Measure the output voltage at the plug of the AC adapter cable. See the following figure:
Note: Output voltage for the AC adapter pin No. 5 may differ from the one you are servicing.
3. If the voltage is not correct, replace the AC adapter.
4. If the voltage is acceptable, do the following:
Replace the system board.
Note: Noise from the AC adapter does not always indicate a defect.
Checking operational charging
To check whether the battery charges properly during operation, use a discharged battery pack or a battery pack that has less than 50% of the total power remaining when installed in the computer. Perform operational charging. If the battery status indicator or icon is not lit, remove the battery pack and let it return to room temperature. Reinstall the battery pack. If the charge indicator or icon is still off, replace the battery pack. If the charge indicator is still not lit, replace the system board.
Restore of factory default
The Lenovo YOGA 900 computers come with a pre-installed Recovery system. In order to save application files and the initial backed up files of the system, the hard disk in a Lenovo computer includes a hidden partition when it is shipped. If you need to restore the system to the point of your first boot up, just enter the Recovery System (Push-button reset).
Base cover
Remove the screws 1. Then remove the base cover 2.
Battery pack
Unplug the battery connector 1 and remove the screws 2
Remove the battery pack 3.
Solid state disk
Remove the screw 1.
Remove the solid state disk in the direction shown by arrow 2.