Wednesday, November 02, 2016

LG Mobile Phone - LG Xenon – Disassembling procedure - How to replace the LCD Display – Mobiles and smartphones repair and service

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  • How to remove the rear case
  • How to remove the mother board 
  • How to remove the LCD screen 

LG Xenon

Turn the phone over so the back side is facing you.
Placing your thumb on the bottom of the phone, apply pressure to the small ridge in the middle of the phone and push upward towards the camera.
The back casing should slide off.
Using your index finger, pull the top of the battery out first. Place your finger at the top center of the battery in the gap that is provided. Then pull the battery towards yourself.
The battery should easily fall out after the top of the battery has been pulled out.
Unscrew the six 2.4mm Phillips #00 screws (three on the left and three on the right of the phone) to remove the inner back case.
Once all six screws are removed, use the plastic opening tool to carefully pry apart the inner back case. Push the plastic tool underneath the case. Carefully push upward, with the tool, while moving it around the case.
Remove the camera, lock, and volume buttons from the side of the phone.
Carefully remove the two 3mm Phillips #00 screws (one on the top and one on the bottom) that are attaching the motherboard to the phone.
For this next step, carefully lift and remove the motherboard.
A connector cable will still be connected to the motherboard upon removing it.
Damage to the connector cable will permanently disable phone.
Carefully unclip the silver metallic tab from the motherboard.
Once the cable is removed, you have successfully disassembled the motherboard of your phone.
Turn the motherboard over and carefully remove the keypad from the motherboard.
The keyboard may be sitting loosely in the case (not attached to the motherboard). Carefully remove keyboard from case.
After removing the motherboard and keyboard, unscrew eight 1.6mm Phillips #00 screws in the middle of the phone.
Remove slider piece.
Pay close attention that you don’t lose the spring.
Carefully remove the spring.
Remove six 2.25mm Phillips #00 screws along the outside of the case.
Using the plastic opening tool, carefully open and remove the case. Slide the tool along the edge and pry upwards to open.
Remove the black electrical tape holding the LCD to the screen.
Un-clasp the small tab in the top right corner.
Unhook the LCD from tabs on the bottom using the plastic opening tool.
Remove the LCD. Be careful, the LCD screen is fragile.