Friday, December 02, 2016

Bose Solo 5 – Disassembling procedure

PCB Cover Removal
Remove the 6 screws indicated in Figure. Lift off the PCB Cover
Main PCB Removal
Disconnect the bluetooth antenna connector as indicated from the main PCB.
Note: Use care when removing the antenna connector as it is fragile.
Using a spudger, lift up the PCB and then pull it forward so the rear connectors clear the enclosure openings.
If needed, push the USB port gently with the spudger to help remove the main PCB.
Once the PCB is out from the enclosure, you will notice the transducer harness is at tached to the PCB.
Detach the transducer cable from the main PCB.
Note: Use a spudger or screw driver to re lease the locking tab from the transducer cable.
Metal Grille Removal
On the bottom of the unit, remove the two screws securing the grille as indicated in  Figure.
Then using a spudger, push the grille at the edge to move the metal grille forward from enclosure. Repeat this process for both side of the grille. This will create some space for your fingers later.
Turn the unit over. Grasp the grille by the sides and pull forward to release the grille edge from the enclosure.
Figures showing the locations for the grille guides from left, center and right. Work the grille out of the enclosure using care not to bend the grille.
Note: When installing the metal grille, make sure the grille is inserted in the grille guides as indicated in figures. Ensure this is done properly to ensure proper grille alignment.
Transducer removal
Then on the front of the unit, remove the eight screws securing the 2 transducers as indicated in Figure.
As figure shows the transducer harness goes through the enclosure. To remove the driver, detach the driver from the harness. On the driver, peel off the foam attached to the cable harness to reveal the connector.
Remove the wires from the drivers.
Note: If you confirmed the transducer is defective. You may skip this steps by cutting the cables from the transducer.
During the transducer assembly, ensure that the foam wires side are facing the square opening to the enclosure.
Note: This step ensure enough space for the harness to move into the enclosure without damaging it.