Sunday, December 18, 2016

JBL Clip Plus – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the speaker – How to remove the board

Use the angled tweezers to carefully pull the rubber boots off the back side of the device
There will be three 6mm philips head screws under that rubber boots, remove these three screws.
The back cover should lift open easily and the components will be visible.
The battery is adhered to the back cover of the JBL Clip Plus, slowly lift the battery away from the case, using a spudger to pry the battery away from the adhesive.
Remove the three 7mm philips head screws on the outer edges of the device.
Use the plastic prying tool to gently remove the face of the speaker from the body.
Use the spudger tool to gently scrape away the adhesive holding in the microphone.
The regular black nylon spudger or a plastic opening tool should be used whenever possible.
Gently push the motherboard away from the microphone, this will allow you to remove the microphone.
Gently push the motherboard out from the frame of the JBL Clip Plus, this requires some force.
There are three solder points that need to be desoldered. After these are removed the battery should be free.
There are two philips head 4mm screws fixing the speaker to the body, remove these.
Remove the solder on the motherboard.