Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kurio Touch 4S – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the mother board

Make sure to open the back cover easily using the plastic opening tool
Remove back cover by prying away from the Kurio.
The easiest place to remove the cover is from the bottom and top; try to open it from right to left sides.
To remove the battery, make sure the four 5mm Philips screws on each side of your device is open using the Philips#1 Screwdriver.
After you remove your four 5mm Phillips screws, use your plastic opening tool to help you open the plastic cover of your device.
All these screws are identical so don't worry if you get them out of order.
Remove the plastic cover that is covering the camera area.
Separate the two halves of your Kurio Touch 4S and lay them besides each other.
Use Phillips # 1 screw to open the 4 screws on the motherboard.
Open the screws gently and do not apply too much force as you could damage the motherboard.
Use the plastic opener to remove the battery.
Use tweezers to remove the black tape that is attached to the motherboard.
Detach all the wire that are connected to the motherboard.
Also remove the camera module and other components that are attached to the motherboard.
Remove the motherboard with the help of plastic opener.
Detach the power plug before you remove the motherboard.
Use the Plastic opener to remove the screen.
Do not apply too much pressure as the front cover could be damaged.
Use the soldering tool to remove the wire that is attached to the screen & the motherboard.
Use tweezers to remove the screen from your Kurio Touch 4S.