Monday, December 26, 2016

LG Optimus V – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the speakers

Take your LG Optimus V and turn it so the screen will be facing down.
Locate the crease at the top center of the back cover. It should be the crease right above the camera.
Then, use your removal tool to detach the back cover.
The battery will be the grey rectangular object sitting in the center of the backside. Take out the battery with your hand. Now replace it with your new baterry. Afterwards, reinsert the back cover and you will be good to go.
This silver casing has 6 screws holding it on. Take your screw driver and unscrew all of them.
Now take your prying tool and use it to remove the silver casing. This will reveal more parts of the phone.
This big black thing is the antenna. You will need to remove this to get access to the camera area.
Use your prying tools to remove each area holding the parts together
Now you have access to the parts and can start replacing and repairing.
The area circled in red is the camera
Use your prying to first remove the small black and yellow peice that reads Y3114C
After that part has been lifted, you can procede to prying off the camera.
Now just put your new one back on and connect the black and yellow piece
This is the speaker area
Take your soldering iron and hit the two points where the wires meet the motherboard. Remove that part and take your new speaker and solder it back on. Speaker is now fixed.