Monday, December 05, 2016

Microsoft Lumia 435 – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the touch screen glass

Switch off the phone.
Remove the battery and any inserted SIM and memory cards.
Use a screwdriver Torx T6 and remove the 4x black screws.
There are several plastic locking clips hold the back cover to the frame.
Use a tool with a sharp edge to unlock them and a plastic tool to separate the back cover.
The touch screen flex cable
The LCD Display flex cable
Use a plastic tool lift up and remove the Logic board.
This is the logic board / main board - a front and rear view.
The Display metal shield is locked to the frame by 4x locking clips.
Use a tool with a sharp tip and careful unlock them and remove the shield.
The display is stuck tovthe touch screen glass with a double-sided adhesive tape.
Use a hair dryer or hot air gun and worm the glass to make adhesive soften.
Distort the frame a little and use a thin plastic tool to separate the display from the frame.
The display is very fragile, do the
separation very carefully.
Put some transparent scotch tape to prevent the glass from shattering.
Warm the glass for a minute to make adhesive soften.
Start the separation from the middle of the frame, where the contact area is smaller.
When you finished with the separation the glass, clean the frame from the old adhesive.
Install the new touch screen and start to reassemble the device.