Friday, December 23, 2016

Pioneer DDJ-SX - DJ controller – Service mode – Factory reset – Measurement mode

Service mode
Method to enter
Press and hold the left DECK "SHIFT" button and the left "DECK 1" button, then Power-ON.
Press and hold the right DECK "SHIFT" button and the right "DECK2" button, then Power-ON.
The firmware version is displayed first. LED except it turn off.
Method to exit
When in this mode, the firmware version display appear first.
In this mode, it does not work to communicate with computer via USB.
In this mode, LED dimmer is not available.
Check of the Firmware Version
After this mode starts, the firmware version is displayed first.
The format of the firmware version is "x.xx". (x: decimal)
It is displayed by the Channel level indicators (Deck1/Deck2/Deck4).
Check of UI parts & LED
After checking the firmware version, you can check if each UI parts (button/jog dial/knob/fader etc.) are not abnormal.
All UI parts of top&front panel are objects to check.
Measurement mode
This is the mode to measure jog dial rotation time and the fluctuation of knobs/faders.
(1) Jog dial Rotation Time measurement mode
(2) Volume value fluctuation check mode.
Method to enter
Press and hold the "SHIFT"+"DECK3" buttons then Power-ON.
During this mode, "DECK 3" and "DECK 4" LEDs are lit.
Method to exit
Jog dial Rotation Time measurement mode
This is the mode to measure the JOG rotation time which is specified at "Jog dial Performance specification".
In case of the left jog dial, the result are displayed at the left LEDs.
In case of the right jog dial, the result are displayed at the right LEDs.
The specified range is 100 ± 40 msec.
Method to measure
1. You spin Jog dial more than 33*7 = 231 rpm.
*1 In case of less than 231 rpm, it is failure. Then "SLIP" LED is lit.
*2 You must measure by either clockwize or counterclockwize.
2. The controller measures "T1".
*T1: The time that Jog dial rotation speed slow down from 100 rpm to 50 rpm.
3.The controller display result with three Channel level indicators. Refer to below.
The format of the result is "XXX" msec. (X: 0-999 msec .decimal)
It is displayed by the Channel level indicators (Deck1/Deck2/Deck4).
Volume value fluctuation check mode
Will be tested fluctuation of voltage (A/D conversion value) which is made each Fader and Rotary volume by Master level
Use of this mode during repair
# For failure judgment of the rotary VRs
As a guide, amplitude values higher than +4 or lower than -4 may be judged as failure.
The VRs can be set to any position during measurement. Possible symptoms are shown below.
# The volume changes arbitrarily.
# Interrupted sound leakage occurs even if the volume is decreased to the minimum at the Master or Booth Monitor.
# The MIDI signal is output even if the corresponding VR is not operated.
# For operation check of a rotary VR after replacement.
Knobs under test operation
Knobs under test operation are filled blue as below.
Test detail
1. Choose the test subject by turn left and right Rotary selector.
The LED is lit with the following turns every 1 click.
Turn right: 1 > 2 > 3 > 5 > . . . . . > 37 > 39 > 1 > . . .
Turn left: 39 > 37 > 36 > . . . . . > 2 > 1 > 39 > . . .
Note: Regarding No.22, both LED are lit.
2. You can see what knob/fader is selected by Lighting LED on each button as shown in the above figure.
For example ,LED to test "SAMPLER VOLUME" fader is "MASTER CUE" button's LED.
3. When targeted knob is decided, push the Rotary selector and start observation of A/D conversion value.
Get the A / D conversion value immediately after the start. It will be reference value.
*A/D conversion value to be monitored is Raw data.
4. Start monitoring and later to monitor the A/D conversion value, do the following actions depending on its value with Master level indicator
Factory Reset
The following data is reset to the factory default settings by "Factory reset" operation.
Setting data in Utility mode Last memory of users
Method to reset
Press and hold the left DECK "SYNC" button and the right DECK "SYNC" button for 5 seconds.
Then factory reset starts and "SYNC"LEDs are lit.
After completing reset, "SYNC" LEDs are turned off.