Thursday, December 01, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Disassembling procedure – How to remove display

Remove SIM card tray at first. It's Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos, so there are two slots.
Remove S pen.
Heat the back cover and cut it sticker underneath. Really strong adhesive. Please be careful with the glass and edged back cover.
Remove the back cover. And the white strip is adhesive sticker.
Twist off all 20 screws together.
Push the front assembly out from middle housing. There are a little black adhesive sticker on every corners.
Release battery connector from motherboard and pry the battery up. Yes, there is also some adhesive underneath.
Remove two pieces of signal flex cables. And different versions Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may have only one piece signal cable.
Release LCD connector, digitizer connector, earpiece assembly connector, home button connector on the motherboard.
Release USB board connector on the back and remove the whole motherboard.
Remove the rear camera. There is a black plastic bracket around camera. So we have to remove them together. And there is a little adhesive underlying.
Remove front camera and noise-canceling mic.
Remove motor vibrator easily.
Remove earpiece speaker assembly.
That's Samsung Galaxy Note 5 earpiece assembly. It's integrated by speaker and sensors.
Now try to separate LCD screen from frame. The difficulty and risk to remove screen alone are getting nearly 5 stars (5 scores all together)respectively. The screen is weak and the adhesive are strong as well too much.
Since Samsung applied the design that the USB board come with soft keys together, DIY replace
USB board and LCD screen alone become much more difficult.
Be careful with the soft sensor keys on the bottom especially the flex.
In fact, the replacement of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LCD screen, USB board or home button nearly the same with that teardown.
Loosen two soft sensor keys from frame carefully. And remove the last securing screw on USB board.
Remove the USB board finally.
Could you see the mark on the right of the home button? Push the button as its direction and can loosen it from securing slot easily. And then cut the adhesive sticker under the flex.
Remove home button flex. Though it's a small component, it's really complicated and difficult to replace, even at the risk to break the screen.